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French translation

Started by all_zebest, November 09, 2019, 07:40:40 AM

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Hi, everybody. / Bonjour à tous.
I've started translating the game again.  / J'ai repris la traduction du jeu, cette fois pour de bon.

What you can expect / Ce que vous pouvez attendre : 
- the tutorial / le didacticiel ;
- the dialogs / les dialogues ;
- the names and explanations of the objects / les noms et explications des objets ;
- the names and explanations of the skills / les noms et explications des compétences.

What you cannot expect / Ce que vous n'aurez pas :
- the UI / l'interface (menus, icones etc.) ;

Auteurs :
chef de projet, traducteur (84 fichiers) et correcteur : All_zebest
traducteur (8 fichiers) : Nyamulagira
aide technique et beta-testeur : Pendragon64

A mettre dans le dossier "Data" du jeu.

100% translated / 100% traduit..

On peut aussi en discuter en français. Je tiendrai davantage à jour les pages Steam (
et Loutrage (

Je vous recommande de jouer avec le mod de portraits alternatifs de Hisomu :

ou le mod de portraits "manga" (tirés de Fire Emblem) de Zane :


J'ai réglé le problème des compétences et des objets : vous aurez le nom de la compétence et des objets en jeu, en français, sous le nom anglais, avec la description en français.

Edit : première mise à jour du mod avec les objets et les compétences intégralement traduits. Il reste 41 fichiers de dialogues.


Thank you for making this! :)


I'm glad you're recognizing my work.^^ This game deserves to be played widely.


By the way, Craig, what does "fireeye shots" means?


They're "shots" as in "shots of alcohol" -- "fireeye" is a made-up name based upon the fact that the rim of the shot glass is set on fire, producing something that might look like a fiery eye when viewed from above. See e.g.:


Quote from: CraigStern on November 15, 2019, 10:22:42 AM
They're "shots" as in "shots of alcohol" -- "fireeye" is a made-up name based upon the fact that the rim of the shot glass is set on fire, producing something that might look like a fiery eye when viewed from above. See e.g.:
Thank you so much! I learned something.

Mod mis à jour avec beaucoup de dialogues traduits !


Craig, help me! The Battle of Adelbrae (Battle with Gunther) is broken, either in English or in French.
i.e. Gunther speaks and is shown, but his men don't appear. There are just red squares, then it freezes.
Is it due to a file of the translation or a corrupted save file?
Can you help me, please?


Just glancing at the save file, nothing looks immediately wrong; sticking it in my saved games folder and changing the campaign name back to The Vengeance of Emma Strider, everything loads just fine. Which means that it's a localization issue.

Glancing at the log, it looks like the game is throwing a null error on the character class names and movement types. (If you open up the log file and search for null, you'll find a lot of lines like "running phaseOne() in ComputerBrain for char 270, Bloodbeard's Bandit the Red null".)

All of those units should have a movement type of land, I believe. Movement type seems like something that perhaps cannot be localized--I seem to recall that the engine is hard-coded to look for English words when determining behavior tied to a unit's movement type.

I can't think of any good reason why the class names would have to be left alone, though, and I'm not sure why the game would be setting those to null. :S


Thanks Craig. I tried to revert back to English for a nomber of terms, but nothing works. I cannot fight Gunther even in English, which bugs me up.

By the way, are the SpawnFloatingTextAt/ translatable?

I'll make an update soon. Could you test it and tell me if it still bugs on your PC?

Edit: I just found it!! It was the translated CharClasses file! I just put the original one in place and the game runs fine again!
I made an update that you can test by yourself. Everything is fine.

Edit 2 : Mise à jour du mod avec une tonne d'ajouts et de corrections, et un fichier traduit par Nyamulagira !


Hi, Craig. You've seen I could solve the issue? I really had a narrow escape.
I have other questions today:
1. In Merchant3.xml, line 235, it's Sarn Kamina speaking. Is it an error, since all the other descriptions are made by Smitty?
2. Is Smitty the name of the person or his job (a balcksmith)?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Edit  : mise à jour du mod avec plein de nouveaux fichiers traduits.


I did! I was pleased you were able to fix it. :) To answer your questions:

1. Oh! That's a typo. It should say Smitty there, not Sarn Kamina. (Sarn Kamina is the speaker in Merchant4.xml and Merchant5.xml).
2. Smitty is his name, not his job.


Thanks for the quick reply, Craig!
I noticed another typo in the same file with the lance, line 339. The name of the weapon was "iron spear" instead of "iron lance".

Edit : nouvelle mise à jour ! Plus que 3 fichiers à faire !



One file left!

Nouvelle mise à jour avec de nouveaux fichiers traduits et de nombreux manques traduits après test en jeu.
Plus qu'un fichier à faire !