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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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The forums have been down for a bit, so there's a lot here that's missing. Suffice it to say, I migrated the site to a new hosting service; fixed an absurd number of bugs; made it so you can use items in the reserve supplies screen; finished the strike-breaking mission; added/tweaked some dialogue and event content here and there; and uploaded a new demo for the game to Steam for the Steam Game Festival Winter 2021! Go ahead and play it there--it'll be taken down on the 9th.


-- wrote some new character lines and fixed a few typos.

-- characters without any counterattacks whose counter limits rise from 0 to 1 via a status effect or other contrivance now get a temporary counterattack in the form of whatever attack skills their equipment gives them, or if no such skills exist, then in the form of whatever their cheapest natural attack skill is.

-- fixed: characters whose counter limits rose from 0 to 1 upon learning a new counterattack on level-up were not keeping these gains.


-- the game now displays correctly on 16:10 display resolutions!

-- you can now change the game's display resolution at runtime from inside the Game Settings menu.

-- fixed: units were sometimes getting generated without essential starting skills or counterattacks available to them at level 1.


-- overhauled the game's "click on a unit behavior" so that you can click and drag anywhere onscreen (including on characters, bridges, and other objects) to pan the camera around.

-- boosted the likelihood of the AI choosing backstab moves proportional to its aggression factor.

-- fixed: the SetNextScene script action wasn't working in battle scenes.

-- fixed: some of the game's portraits were looking a bit janky due to filtering settings.

-- fixed: coloration was off on the hands of generic shadowling portraits.


-- the game now saves your last selected display resolution and restores it upon restarting the game.

-- some balance tweaks for psy healers and gasul: reduced the power of Mind Shield by 30%; increased the maximum range of Mega Shield to 2 while reducing its power slightly and increasing its cost to 6; increased the cost of Long Shield to 7, Static Shield to 12, and Titan Shield to 16. Over all, these tweaks should help ensure that remaining stocked on bandages remains a priority even if you have a healer.

-- fixed: left-clicking units was causing the cursor to flicker the "grab hand." The game now waits for the cursor to be held down a fraction of a second before it changes to the grab hand.


-- balancing tweak: Frozen status now increases the victim's Pierce Res. and Slash Res. by 50% while the status effect lasts, and reduces Crush Res. by 25%.


-- when mousing over equipment in the shop, there is now a pop-up that tells you which of your characters can use it.

-- fixed: there was a color missing from the army color palette for character portraits that sometimes showed up in accessories.

-- fixed: the status effect icon was displaying above the new turn box in battle.

-- fixed: spirits and golems picked up via the recruitment interface were getting bio details and family members.

-- fixed: golems were getting likes and hobbies during character generation.


-- increased the sophistication of the "Interested in this equipment" shop pop-up: the game now not only looks to which characters can use the equipment, but also checks to see if they have that equipment slot filled already--and if they do, whether the equipment in that slot is less valuable or is close to breaking. (If a character can use the equipment but already has something better equipped that's not close to breaking, they won't be listed as interested in it.)


-- reworked the "new item" symbol a bit. It's now a less-alarming orange color (as opposed to the bright red it was before).


-- fixed a range error that could occur during evening gatherings with golems on the team.

-- fixed: golems could be chosen to approach for Talk activities despite having no approach line.

-- fixed: the additional color added to the army color palette for portraits was preventing lissit spines from palette-swapping properly.


-- received new deployment music from Ryan Richko; made it loop and added it into the game.

-- incorporated procedurally generated battles into the arena battle hopper for the first time!


-- scripted an informal "timer" event for arena battles where the crowd eventually gets bored and starts booing you if you take too long, followed shortly thereafter by ever-increasing loss of prize money.

-- changed the text description for Decoy, added a swaying visual effect to the Decoy Shadowling sprite.

-- fixed palette issues in some of the unique shadowling portraits.

-- fixed: I had accidentally broken the bit in character generation where character likes are saved to the unit data.


-- fixed: the game could choose the wrong sort of gambling narration for characters going into town to gamble on their own behalf.


-- tightened up a few variants in certain lines of proc gen dialogue.

-- fixed typos in a few lines of proc gen dialogue.

-- fixed: the Grapple Pull chain animation wasn't playing.

-- tightened up the timings and positioning data for the Grapple Chain visual effect.


-- fixed: one of the "New Item" symbols was incorrectly assigned in the individual character inventory sub-window of the Reserve Supplies screen, causing it to not react to the item being moused over.