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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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-- reworked the league 1 qualifier boss battle to make it more challenging and offer more tactical dilemmas to the player.

-- fixed an annoying bug where the game would sometimes initiate babble speech for the first branch of tutorial  or event text even though no "speaker" character existed.


-- stat changes on the level-up screen now appear sequentially instead of just being there all at once when the screen opens. (Clicking will skip the sequence and display everything all at once.)

-- created a new "stat up chime" sound effect that plays during the level-up sequence.

-- added particle effects that play during the level-up sequence.


-- created a new DarkSmoke 2d particle effect, incorporated it into the stat-up particle effects for a more convincing effect and better visibility of the sparks.

-- updated in-game documentation with the new 2D particle preset and stat-up chime sound effect.

-- updated the end credits with additional sound effect credits.

-- fixed: rotating a unit while an attack tile for a self-use skill with an asymmetrical AOE pattern (like Hold) would result in the character rotating but the AOE pattern not rotating to match.


-- boosted the aggressiveness of experience scaling for characters who are behind the level curve to make it easier to train up characters who are lagging behind. (Characters who are overleveled compared to their opponents still get a 10% penalty per point of level difference, but characters who are underleveled now get a disproportionate 15% experience boost per level the opponent has over them.)

-- boosted the experience scale cap somewhat to 300%.


Gave feedback to artists about new animations. In the meantime:

-- added a new possible outcome for characters during the Rained Out event: characters who have a reading hobby can now relax with a book while stuck inside during the rain, boosting their morale a bit instead of hurting it.

-- began writing a new event where two characters get into a serious argument.


-- new skill: Trade. It's essentially Twirl, but it only works with allied characters (whereas Twirl can be used on enemies). Trade is now part of the Spearman skill progression, and can be learned by Swordsmen who promote to Swordmasters.

-- created a new WhistleDown sound effect, to be used when character friendship decreases in-game.

-- finished writing and scripting the first couple of variants of the "character argument" event; it can now appear starting on day 10 of the campaign.

-- Psy Clash now supports cards that allow you to steal a minion from another player.

-- new Psy Clash card: Mind Control.

-- Defiant Stance now gives +100% strength until the user's next turn, making it much more useful.

-- increased the base chance of applying Frozen status with Cryo Cross from 50% to 75%, making it less dangerous (and more beneficial) to use with large groups of enemies.

-- fixed: the gamepad cursor was appearing on the "continue" button in Psy Clash even when gamepad controls were not enabled.

-- fixed: in Psy Clash, untargetable minions (like the Photokineticist) were targetable by bowmen and crossbowmen.


Received a new commissioned animation: Gasul shove! (It still kind of blows my mind that I never had this commissioned for the original TT, but hey--better late than never, right?)

Also provided feedback on several other new animations: specifically, hurt and attack animations for several new characters specific to TiB.


-- new script action: InterfaceArmyColor. Lets you change the default army color used in cut scene interface elements like the recruitment screen or the reserve supplies screen from Blue to any other supported color.


I've been dealing with a shoulder injury that requires more than an hour pf PT and/or home exercises every single day, which has really been slowing me down lately.

Regardless, I've been providing artist feedback and getting more things ready behind the scenes! The latest:

-- worked some more on the Trainer scene.

-- hooked up a new reply UI type for dialogue where the game displays a list of characters by portrait with mouseover tooltips and the ability to right-click to see each one's character screen. Left-clicking a character will immediately set them as the trigger character for the dialogue going forward, then behave as a click on "reply 0" for dialogue tree navigation purposes.


-- got stat training working at the Trainer! You can now train Health, Energy, Strength, Psy, or Dodge for any of your characters. The price will scale with the stat's level; characters will be gone until the following evening while they train.

-- the game now supports creating arbitrary stats for characters using the SetStat action! These won't appear in the UI, but they can be used to invisibly store integers specific to each character (e.g. enemies they'll slain, days they've been on the team, etc.). These, in turn, can then be referenced by other script actions.

-- the game now processes special characters in the warning messages for custom menu buttons.

-- added specific facial expressions to more combat lines.

-- fixed: in some circumstances, re-recruiting a character whose data was already saved could result in more than one copy of that character being added to the roster.

-- fixed: it was possible for custom list data to bleed over from a saved game when starting a new game.

-- fixed a typo in a couple of flirtatious greeting variants.

-- fixed a typo in one of the "turning the asker down" variants of the "getting asked on a date" event.


-- roughed in scripting allowing the player to change a character's class at the trainer.

-- added Species to the attributes supported by the IfAttribute script actions.

-- fixed: the level-up screen was keeping "None" onscreen when first learning a new equipment mastery for a character without any masteries.


Received final animations for several new character sprites. :)

-- formatted the new sprite sheets for in-game animations.

-- finished getting class changes working at the trainer!


-- when characters are sent away to train, the date of their eventual return is now shown on the calendar.


-- wrote new arguments based on behavior by Narcissistic and Blunt characters, as well as arguments between characters with the Serious and Jokester personality traits.

-- added support for passing script parameters to IfItemRun.

-- for all IfXRun-type script actions which support passing script parameters (i.e. most of them), you can now pass an unlimited number of parameters; just keep adding pairs of parameter name and parameter value onto the end until you're done.


-- updated the basic Run action so you can pass an unlimited number of parameters as well.

-- fixed: members of army 99 (i.e. most destructible objects) with status effects, upon reloading a mid-battle save, would inappropriately step their status effects an additional time.