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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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-- added gamepad support to narrated camp activities.

-- fixed: the game would inappropriately switch gamepad focus from the dialogue menu to the narration menu when EndConvImmediately was called by dialogue during camp activities even if another dialogue tree was active and the dialogue interface remained onscreen.

-- made the options, army overview, and calendar buttons selectable with the gamepad when gamepad focus is in the dialogue menu, camp activities menu, or narration menu.

-- fixed: babble speak sound effects were still being triggered sometimes when there was no character designated as a speaker.

-- fixed: the wrong character's expletives were being used in cooking reaction dialogue.

-- fixed: end-of-dialogue routines were being called and advancing the narration frame even when the game was simply running a script (as opposed to ending actual written dialogue).


-- polished the dialogue sequence that follows dismissal of a character.

-- improved documentation of the LoadConv reply type.

-- you can now scroll through characters in the character screen while within the army overview screen using the mouse wheel (or, if in gamepad mode, the shoulder buttons).

-- added gamepad support to the info bar. When the info bar is visible in cut scenes, you can now "mouse over" the food and aura icons with the gamepad cursor to get their tooltips while in the shop, recruitment, custom menu, dialogue, or camp activities screens.

-- added gamepad support to the character overview screen.

-- fixed: the gamepad cursor was misaligned for the screenshake adjustment buttons in the settings menu while on the title screen or in battle.

-- fixed: the gamepad cursor had become misaligned for character screen elements while in cut scenes.

-- fixed: after using the start button to open the main menu in cut scenes, the game incorrectly treated game settings as the current menu for purposes of gamepad navigation.

-- fixed: the gamepad cursor could navigate to the "switch page" buttons in the reserve supplies screen even when they were invisible.

-- fixed undesirable gamepad cursor behavior when switching between dialogue branches with multiple replies and those without multiple replies within dialogue trees.

-- fixed: gamepad controls for the report screen did not function properly in cut scenes.

-- fixed: the game was inappropriately placing gamepad focus on narration at the beginning of nighttime camp activities even if the first activity was character dialogue.

-- fixed: in the character screen in battle, you could start the process of giving an item to an adjacent character by selecting Give for an item, then immediately reopen the character screen, use or drop the item, and finally return to the battlefield and click the red give tile to give a pristine copy of that item to an ally.


-- wrote two new events in which a spirit visits the camp and the player must decide how to deal with it.

-- wrote a new script to dynamically adjust the whole group's morale based on player choices.

-- prettied up the rain particle effects some more.

-- fixed: the game was not recognizing when a dialogue branch was marked for input text within PersistentDialogue.xml.

-- fixed: upon returning to the title screen from a game, remaining on the screen in a submenu for the length of the intro movie while using gamepad controls would result in the game inappropriately pulling gamepad focus onto the main menu.


-- new background added: Arena_Interior.

-- got background image compression working properly; converted the background asset bundle to use chunk compression.

-- fixed: it was possible to advance the scene by clicking the background while in recruitment.

-- fixed: head 12 in lissit portraits was missing data for mouth 8.


-- the NewBackground script action can now be used to display a specified cut scene background in the empty space around the battlefield.

-- scripted the arena interior background to appear behind arena matches.

-- scripted appropriate backgrounds to appear behind event battles.

-- made some more of the event battles increase a bit in difficulty once a certain number of days have passed.


-- named the four in-game arena leagues.

-- wrote arena organizer dialogue up through league qualifier #2.

-- updated the scripting in the qualifier scheduling scene to account for all four leagues.

-- scripted and wrote the conclusion of the steel supplier side quest for Nihal Agarwal.

-- set up triggers for the first set of 18 achievements in-game.

-- cleaned up the graphic for the 2D particle "Sparkle."

-- fixed: things which caused a character to be instantly placed on a specific space in battle (e.g. undoing) could sometimes mess up that character's z-sorting.

-- finally fixed that annoying bug where stray 2D particles could end up "stuck" at the top-left corner of the battlefield.

-- fixed: the Escape button would not act as a click on the report screen in cut scenes.


-- added a new random condition that can affect arena fights: impatient crowd. You'll have 2/3rds as many turns as normal before the crowd starts getting restless.

-- the game now prevents the same battlefield condition from affecting two arena battles in a row.

-- new script action: LevelUpArmy. Works like LevelUp, but it affects an entire army at once instead of just one character.

-- new special character: -ROSTERNUM-. Gets changed to whatever the number of the current roster is.

-- added three more achievements.

-- having a character share a tent with another character during the mustebeast event will now impact character morale based on whether they like the character you picked and whether the affected character is an introvert.

-- fixed a couple of typos in plot event 2.

-- fixed: the game would calculate total salaries for payday without accounting for characters who are technically still on payroll, but are temporarily off the roster due to being off training. The game now tracks such characters by whether they appear on the custom list _StillOnPayrollX, where X is the current roster number.

-- fixed: the special character -APPETITE- was returning the salary of the current roster, not its combined daily food consumption.

-- fixed a typo that was causing kind characters to sometimes get a narcissistic camp activity narration when volunteering.

-- fixed: when shoving an enemy into a spiked barricade, the game would throw a null error.

-- fixed: if a unit's skill progression list wasn't strictly in level order, the skill advice event could fail to reorder a unit's skill progression correctly.

-- fixed: the AI was recognizing automatic pick-up items (i.e. coins) as equipment.


-- adjusted the height of the elemental blast explosion animations to better align with the projectiles.

-- added a new option for camp in the evening: One-on-one. This lets you pick a character from the group to give orders to, to give a bonus to, or to give paid time off to; all other characters will have free rein.

-- updated scripting for the qualifier scheduling scene.

-- the Run reply type now supports passing multiple parameters.

-- clamped the value for the current arena battle to the size of the list, meaning that you can now never "run out" of fights within a league.

-- fixed: qualifier scheduling wasn't being triggered by the proc gen arena fights.

-- fixed some outdated formatting and scripting info in the Monkey League Qualifier battle.

-- fixed some outdated info in the in-game documentation relating to generate unit-type actions, specifically with respect to the first salary parameter.

-- fixed: a Wait action queued up after a WaitForDialogue action would cause the wait timer to run concurrently with the wait-for-dialogue condition; and if the wait timer counted down to zero before the dialogue finished animating, the game would proceed with executing actions anyway! The game now waits for dialogue to conclude if a WaitForDialogue action was executed before commencing the countdown for a subsequent wait timer.


-- received new staff fighter sprites for the introductory qualifier opponents, incorporated them into the game. :)

-- fixed: when using a gamepad, OnCharScreen dialogue would pull gamepad focus from the character screen and fail to restore it upon ending the dialogue.

-- the game now checks for Xbox-specific controllers and updates the gamepad layout if it auto-detects gamepad usage on the title screen while controls are still set to mouse and keyboard.

-- when opening the mid-battle save menu, the game now auto-resets the gamepad cursor to the first slot instead of leaving it on the confirm button from previous turns.

-- the game now plays a sound effect when toggling to and from the actions bar using the X button in gamepad mode, or when switchign to the actions bar by hitting A on an empty battlefield space.

-- the skill editor now has a checkbox that can be used to toggle whether a skill is considered a weapon skill by the game for purposes of the Disarmed status effect.


-- the LightBackground action now works for backgrounds in battle as well.

-- changed the lighting in arena battles taking place in the darkness.


-- added regular league match scheduling to the game.

-- new optional parameter in GetEventDate: get last instance of named event (instead of first) in the calendar.


-- finally received a commissioned pull animation sprite sheet for the Gasul class! (I can't believe it took me this long to get one made, but now it's finally done.) Integrated it into the game.

-- added Pull to the skill progression for proc gen Gasul units.

-- fixed a couple of scripting issues relating to new features that were causing improper options to be available in menus at game start.


-- adjusted parameters for Monkey League Arena battles.

-- wrote new "like" dialogue for imaginative characters.

-- improved some of the location-dependent background dialogue.

-- fixed a couple of typos in proc gen character dialogue.

-- created a Crowd Murmuring sound effect, added it to the "crowd grows restless" dialogue in arena fights.

-- reduced the volume on the Rain and Wind sound loops, preserving the old high-amplitude versions as Rain Loud and Wind Loud.

-- fixed: a league match could get scheduled during the Festival of the Ascendant Lights.

-- fixed: item button menus for the rightmost items in the reserve supplies screen had their positions reset, requiring me to once again go in and reposition them by hand so they wouldn't go offscreen.

-- fixed: music volume would reset to a level multiple times higher than the global music volume level under some circumstances.

-- fixed: units would sometimes fail to become tinted when spawning after deployment under alternate global lighting conditions.


-- updated game logic to let you schedule another league match and try again after losing one.

-- added icons to the reply options when a character asks which stat they should work on for their next level-up.

-- battlefield lighting is now set to overcast when there is a rain condition.

-- added specified animations to dozens more skills to allow characters to keep using them with reasonably appropriate animations after reclassing.

-- fixed: characters changing classes did not adopt the default skill animation of their new class's sprite set.

-- fixed: the game would not trigger OnVictory dialogue for any army that was not player-controlled.

-- fixed: surrendering would not trigger OnVictory dialogue for any enemy armies.


-- created a qualifier battle to get into Gharial League.

-- the game now tracks the total aura spent in shops, the total aura spent during the last shopping trip, the maximum aura spent in any one shopping trip, the total aura spent on recruitment, total characters recruited, the total number of characters recruited of each species, the total number of characters recruited of each base class, the total number of character promotions, the total games of Psy Clash won, the total number of characters who have permanently died, the total number of nights your characters have gone hungry, the total number of characters who have been dismissed, and the total number of characters who have resigned.

-- added an achievement for obtaining a deck of psy clash cards. There are now 23 achievements implemented.

-- new supported tag: ModTerrainModifier. Can modify the effect that terrain tiles have on a particular stat for the tagged character.

-- two new physical traits added: Diminutive and Broad. Diminutive adds +15% to Dodge when on terrain that modifies Dodge; Broad negates Dodge bonuses from terrain.

-- fixed: tall grasses were not applying their Dodge bonus to units standing in them.

-- the game no longer displays the names of skills being used under fog of war.

-- fixed: the blinking status effect displayer would appear even when the unit it was attached to vanished in fog of war.

-- fixed: pop-up text and animated health/energy bars would still appear over spaces covered by fog of war.

-- fixed: impact sparks and static visual effects would still appear over spaces covered by fog of war.

-- added an invariantculture argument to game's various float.Parse() calls to avoid issues with the game failing to parse decimals for European users.