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Corrupt a Wish Foundation

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 10:55:15 AM

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Wish granted, dinner is ready. It just wasn't cooked yet. You get food poisoning.

I wish for a book that does not relate to suicide. I f you don't catch the reference, read the first version of this.


Wish granted, but you go blind and are unable to read it.

I wish I could get the last side of this rubix cube.


Wish granted, I create a deadly desease called 'The last side of this rubix cube'. You get it.

I wish for trees.


wish granted, they grow out of your ears

I wish for world peace. =P


Wish granted: world peace arrives...right after mankind is wiped off the face of the earth by nuclear holocaust.

I wish the price of almond butter would drop.


Wish granted, it becomes free! Until everyone has bankrupted the producers, and no more is made. Ever again!

I wish for a chainsaw.


Wish granted, it's possessed, and cuts you in half.

I wish for new emotes (if only I knew how to create them, hrm..)


Wish granted. You get your emotes, but then you say something that makes KZ bann you and you can never use the emotes.

I wish that I had noticed the new forums sooner.
If you seek it, you can find it. Freedom can be attained.


Wish granted but everybody leaves at the sight of you.

I wish the snow on my driveway wasn't so deep.


Wish granted, its now so, so, so, so, so deep, and you drown in it.

I wish the National Guard would stop sending me recruiting mail.


wish granted, they kidnap you and force you to join.

I wish for my PSP to come soon.


Wish granted, it came... and was made of pudding.

I wish I had enough money to order a psp.


wish granted its counterfeit.

I wish my 360 wasn't broken.


Wish granted, it's not broken and it will never be. Others find out and people steel it.

I wish I knew how to program flash games.


wish granted, you but you computer breaks so you can't program.

I wish I knew how the female mind works.