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Corrupt a Wish Foundation

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 10:55:15 AM

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You get one, but it's a delicious chocolate hat. You eat it and it's gone. You then miss it's feeling of being on your head.

I wish for a giant apocalyptic meteor that kills me.


Wish granted: a T-shirt arrives by post that reads on the front "I am a giant apocalyptic meteor" and on the back "kill me". Lovely.

I wish this part of the forums was less chaotic, more ordered, easier to follow, more intellectual, in a way...
Welcome to the forums!
Read the rules, use proper grammar and punctuation, play the games, share your ideas and enjoy your stay!


In a way... more destructive?

I wish for a box of tissues smothered in salmon and Italian dressing.


Wish Granted. You monster! You smothered a box of tissues with Salmon and Italian dressing! You are lynched by a mob!

I wish for chaotic forums.


Granted, it was all about Chaotic, a cheesy card game.

I wish for a melon that falls on my head, makes me all sticky, with juice afterwards.


Granted; a swarm of wasps and hornets sucks the melon off. Then it flies away. You shout, "Yeah, you'd better run...!" at them, and they come back and sting you.

I wish people wouldn't taze me for forgetting my wishes.
This is Gambit. The cards are about to explode. Goodbye!


Granted, they tazer you for making wishes! ZAP! >:D

I wish for a gallon of water.


Granted; you get your water in a bowl and immediately pass out in it, thus drowning.

I wish for...some new lip gloss!


Granted, but you swallowed it, poisoning, and evetually killing, you.

I wish for a new lamp... with a Genie inside it!


Wish granted; I rub the lamp, and tell it to turn you to dust.

I wish you were not.


Granted, but then I turned into a atom and never seen again. For a few days it seems like you should celebrate this, but then the cops come after you with evidence that you were the last person accompanying my before my disappearance. You are taken into jail for a crime that you could never prove you didn't do.

I wish that I could see that while I'm an atom and laugh.


Wish granted; you can see it, but it's really grainy and grindhouse-y.

I wish for an imaginary friend.


Granted, you talk to it so much that people think that you're insane and throw you into the coo-coo house.

I wish for caramel to rain down on me.

The Holy namelesskitty

Granted, then I lick it all off thos scratching you with my cat tounge then some vinegar falls on you.

I wish pruneman would stop spamming.
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :


Granted, but you see it as an opportunity to start.

I wish that I was Foxtrot 813.