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Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 11:23:18 AM

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When I was attacked by an energy golem in the following way, and there was a mechanic facing me:


(X=empty space G=golem M=Mechanic H=Hero)
It said how much backstab damage the mechanic received, but it didn't show how much damage the hero received.


I think that's more of a program limit. It's never shown the damage done to more than one entity.


It shows the maximum damage done by the damage-dealer, I think.


Ya. I think that's all it does. So that would be more of a programming limit than a bug. If not, well it's here.


Well, what else is it going to do? Expand the text box and say that the person deals some damage to Hero and some to Mechanic?

Wait a sec... that's a good idea. That should go on the Wish List: having ALL damages listed in the blurb about the aftermath of the attack!


Here's what I was saying about the Qudssi dialog issue:


When I was against the warden, when griffin had 1 HP left, a bandit bowman was able to attack. Instead, it just walked up to griffin. (Might not be a bug, but it's odd :()

Print screen doesent work, so I have no picture. Sorry
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This happens when I meet up with guard ambush as I travel back to Ravindale. Whenever I meet with a 91 hp guard it never attacks my allies and just go right beside them and then the game just stalls forever because the guard can't attack. I always have to refresh and load save when this happens.


My head got shot up once. And I lived and my head Remained.....


The next time this happens, if you can make note of where the enemy is before it takes its turn relative to everyone else, that would be very helpful.


It was to the left of the stairs. Griffin was to the right of the stairs.
My head got shot up once. And I lived and my head Remained.....

Xemadus Echina

after i did the armory mission on the downloadable demo the game went to a gray screen. when i reloaded the game it showed me a map with 4 crypts, the helenites base and the mechanics base.  Also the hero was in the top left corner of the screen. 
Another bug I found (also using the downloadable demo) is that when you close the door in crypt one, you can use it to glitch yourself over to the light post because you're sort of trapped in an impassable area.  Would it be possible to have the hero notice the doors and therefor not try to close the lever while in their path?  Or make it like the spikes where you take damage and get moved away from it. 
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Two New Bugs:

1. La'Man can't learn any other moves after heat shield, it just repeats heat shield (Right Now I Have 6 Heat Shield Attacks)
2. When Naj learns a new move it doesn't show Naj, instead it shows every other character.
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On Brutal mode, found a bug where I bought Bow Counterattack for Rahel fairly early (just got her up to 19 HP and the stats for Split Shot 2) but then it appeared again for purchase later after I loaded a game.  I bought it again, and she promptly lost it on load.  Can you check to see if it's being saved?

Also, for the stones quest, if you kill the scorpion and return to the husband first and get 250 from him, you are not given an option to appease the wife.

There are still some weird issues with the Mahboob quest, where you talk to people and can't get options sometimes. Also, loading the game causes the husband to reappear and ignore you even if he left because of misdirection.

With 15/15 Power/Defense, can't get Vengeance despite Feedback 3, can't get Cryo Cross despite Elemental Blast 4 and Mind Blast 4, and can't get Big Shield, but Set got it at Defense 14.  What's wrong with my Hero?  (I've killed the Bandit Leader but haven't completed Mission 3)

There are music issues (no music) when you go to the Deeper Downs twice in a row without going somewhere else. 

Clicking on conversation options during the training screen leads to unpolished menus.

The AI passed up the opportunity to backstab in this situation:


* = hero facing right

The Bandit in the upper left moved to the position on top of hero instead of left of hero for the backstab.


Also for combat UI would be nice to see : 1) shaded ground depicting the walking range of the unit you mouseover (similar to Heroes of Might and Magic 2 or later) and 2) the standard damage of each move as you mouseover it (i.e. Mind Blast Cost : 2 Damage: 10)


I have the same problem. I have level 16 cryo blast and still cant get cryo cross.