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Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 11:23:18 AM

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Well, I went to the Deeper Downs to do the Bug Hunting quest and I found 3 or 4 bugs.   :D
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Quote from: Deagonx on August 10, 2011, 09:50:41 PM
Well, I went to the Deeper Downs to do the Bug Hunting quest and I found 3 or 4 bugs.   :D

So, a new version is uploading now which fixes most of the bugs you guys posted about.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until just now that I realized what was causing the bug with the lost battles staying onscreen: it's the skip button in the death animation. It makes the game skip the code to remove the battlefield. Until I upload another fix (hopefully tomorrow), just don't skip the death animation.


Okay, a new version is online which fixes the bug with battles remaining onscreen.


If you click on another player while an animation for an attack is going on, the attacker can go again! I used this to get past a lot of battles. This may only happen when you kill an enemy. After you finish the other player's turn, the first attacker will go again, despite having already killed an enemy. I've only witnessed it working for Duvalier, when he killed an enemy.

Edit: I have now witnessed it with all characters, even when not killing an enemy. With it (and RollingInIt) I can even complete battles on brutal in one turn. The another player mentioned can have already gone, giving both that another player and the attacker an extra turn. Pretty major bug. Also, I have been using RollingInIt. Maybe that's part of the bug. Either way, it makes the game quite a bit easier than it was before.
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Idozen Cair

When you click 'New Skill' for Mega Shield, you can't see the full description or title:


After intense training, Set has learned a new*


It's no harder to mantain than a Mind Shield, so Set can keep throwing*

The asterisks are where the text stops.

Edit: The same happens for many other attacks. Perhaps you should do a revamp for all the attack descriptions.
Edit: The 'Show skill' option for Leap will go haywire after the first time you press 'Show Skill'.
Edit: When you upgrade your four 'raw attributes', it won't tell you what level your attribute is rising to, eg.

RollingInIt has LEVEL UP!
Aptitude/Psy Defense/Psy Power/Personality will increase to*

Asterisk is where the text stops. (doesn't 'has LEVEL UP' sound grammatically incorrect?)

Can someone remind me how to update the downloaded demo again?
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Idozen Cair : That's been fixed in the newest version.


*Mechanic swordman attacks Qudssi from the front, but he didn't counter-attack
*When you level up the Hero, there is a blank where there should be a number that says what level you Power, Defence, Apitude, and Personaility are.


1. When you enter the room that is not dark in the deeper parts of crypt three, sounds stop.
2. The Arman vs. Guards battle is glitched. The guards won't move to attack Arman unless he is within their range and even if he dies, the timer still goes.
3. If you cut the corner too fast in the doorways in the house opposite to Mahboob's you can get stuck.
4. You can't cut and paste words into the new AIR system, so it makes it extra difficult to type in the code for activation.
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I've also noticed Qudssi failing to melee counter. Also, this might be an old one, but if you click the menu when perusing the Trainer, you'll get his exit dialogue but with Duvalier for both portraits.
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I entered the room with the titan orb, and the dialouge box didn't show. I cant't move and I have to reload the game.

Idozen Cair

During the last mission of the Demo, where you use Arman to delay, the Guards will not attack you nor move if you don't attack them first, which makes the whole mission easy by just clicking 'Done' 9 times.
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Has anyone figured out exactly under which circumstances Qudssi fails to counterattack? Attacked from a certain direction? After using the spacebar to end a turn? Attacked by an area-attack ability?


I've uploaded a new version of the game with several major bug fixes.


In combat, with the GUI moved to the left side (either upper-left or lower-left) by pressing M, I don't see any combat text.  (i.e. "Bob deals X damage with Mind Blast").  I see the text with the GUI on the right side (upper and lower).


Whenever you say you've got a new version up, the download link just has me re-install version 1.8. Is there something I'm missing?
That awkward moment when your student's gone evil and wants to destroy you.