July 3, 2009

Welcome to the new site design!

Hey guys, as you have no doubt noticed, I’ve redesigned the web site with the help of my friend Dale. The goal is to make it more focused and easier to use. (Because it’s in blog style, it’ll also make it way easier for me to post updates.)

I’ve decided to make the focus of the site less on being a Flash arcade (which it wasn’t very good at) and more on being a proper developer’s website. Note, for example, how the Games page now only links to games actually developed by Sinister Design.

All of the old hosted games are still available at their old URLs, however. You can reach them the old-fashioned way via the old website, which is archived here.

You might notice some changes to the site’s appearance over the coming days –I’m still tweaking it. Please be patient, and eventually, if luck is with me, it will end up looking fabulous.

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