March 3, 2010

Music to Your Ears

Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been updated with music! I’ve been writing a lot of music over the past few weeks to plug up some of the gaps in the game’s score, and I now feel like there’s enough there that I can comfortably release it with music. (In particular, check out the new Telepath RPG Theme! I just redid it this evening to make it sound even more awesome.)

I’ve temporarily gotten around the difficulty of increased build times from Flash compressing mp3s by having the game simply stream the music off the internet, much like the TSoG Music Player does. (Needless to say, in the finished game, they’ll just be part of the game, with no internet connection required and none of the occasional hang-ups that come with streaming audio.)

Anyway, the updated demo is online. As with everything, there will inevitably be bugs at first, which I will fix as soon as possible. Don’t forget to report any issues you have on the forums!