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Telepath RPG: Servants of God is a hybrid western RPG / strategy RPG set in a unique Middle Eastern steampunk fantasy setting. The game features:

  • Tactical turn-based combat where positioning and planning are key
  • Branching dialog and quests with multiple endings
  • Different races and factions, each with its own agenda
  • Dozens of different psychic and physical abilities to manipulate and decimate your enemies
  • A variety of characters that you can choose to recruit, grow close with or alienate
  • Lasting consequences for the choices you make throughout the game
  • A thoughtful narrative about the nature of the mind and the existence or non-existence of God

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* You will need Adobe AIR installed before you can install the game. Get AIR here (here if you use Linux).
..Additional voice-over pack available here.

Press Clippings:

“The fighting — the wonderful, wonderful fighting— is face-rockingly awesome.”

“It’s tactical strategy at its best, and clearly harkens back to all-time great games like Shining Force or Final Fantasy Tactics. You’re rewarded for carefully planning your moves and turns, and seldom do you feel a battle went against you because of luck. Plan wisely and you will succeed–it’s very satisfying even after dozens of combats.”
DayOldStubble, April 2012 issue

“I am honestly surprised by the amount of dialogue in Telepath RPG, and at how well it is presented. Ideas are explored that most games ignore, such as how it feels to take someone’s life and how it is represented inside the mind.”
–Rick B., Indie Theory

“It’s a solid SRPG with a compelling story that should win over traditional tabletop wargamers, as well as anyone who enjoyed Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics…. Small strategic details like flank attacks and ranged weapon usage are exactly right. The conflict that drives the game is worldly and political, but the main character’s quest is a personal one about family. There’s even an in-game explanation for why you’re able to see the position of every fighter on the battlefield, which is a detail that isn’t usually addressed in an SRPG of any type or setting. What’s most inspiring about the game is the novelty of the setting, which never seems to wear itself out.”
The Indie Mine

“The graphics are clean and descriptive, most of the main characters feature voice acting, and the music is a complete delight. It compliments the mood of battles and dungeons perfectly, and is well worth listening to even outside your game session. Conversations are lengthy (in a good way) and complex, with characters expressing emotions and fears in a way that feels like real life much more than most games.”
DayOldStubble, April 2012 issue

I played on Normal difficulty in the demo and even early on the combat design and enemy AI was challenging enough that I was rewarded for thinking ahead a few turns and paying attention to tactical aspects like flanking and unit direction….Narratively speaking the writing seems very good so far, and it’s clear that a lot of work went into characterization (as evidenced by the voice actor interviews on the developer’s YouTube channel) as well as the game’s intriguing and original Middle Eastern/Steampunk setting.
Egges’s Blog

“4 out of 5”
The Indie Mine

“Overall, Telepath RPG: Servants of God is a great game…I would recommended this game wholeheartedly to those experienced in the genre who are looking for an interesting challenge that forces them to carefully think over their actions before making them.”
Indie Love

“At heart, it’s a turn-based tactical RPG that feels like what a game of chess would be like if each piece had a big character sheet of RPG stats to take into consideration. Stern must have played a lot of Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics as a kid, as he knows how to exploit the mechanics of this kind of combat to demand strategic and thoughtful thinking from the player.”
–George Weidman, TruePCGaming

“You’ll complete various quests on a tree, with different quests and their outcomes having varying effects on the ending. Bringing in a real moral element, the choices that you make throughout the game will affect your experience later on.”
–Brandy Shaul, GameZebo

“Turn-based strategic combat is the order of the day, like that found in The Battle for Wesnoth. With this being an RPG though, as it says in the title, there’s lots of talking and wandering as well. I should be loving this and the sizable demo is eventually entertaining, but it does take a while to get going.”
–Adam Smith, RockPaperShotgun.com

“I’m excited about this game.”
–Jay Barnson, Rampant Coyote Games Blog

“If you’re a fan of strategy, of RPGs, steampunk and don’t mind some reading then Telepath RPG: Servants Of God is worthy of your attention and it’s out now so feel free to give it a whirl.”
–Chris Priestman, IndieGameMagazine

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