Together in Battle is a strategy RPG and team management game with vibrant procedurally generated characters and emergent relationship-building. Uncover a sinister conspiracy; fight deep turn-based tactical battles; watch your characters grow together!

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You’ve arrived in the island kingdom of Dese with a secret mission to enter the gladiatorial games and find loyal fighters under the guise of competing. Hunted by an imperial praetor, you must maintain a low profile even as you find yourself drawn into intrigues that will decide the fate of Dese itself.

Recruit and manage charming characters with their own personalities, hobbies, and life stories. Stay stocked on food, maintain enough money to make payroll, and ensure that your characters practice regularly to continue improving. But beware: they have feelings! Allow their friends to fall in battle, and they may become depressed. Fail to address their needs, and you’ll risk resentment and desertion. Keep them happy, however, and they will grow close to one another, form fond memories, give each other nicknames–even share their special combat skills! With skill and patience, you will emerge victorious…together in battle.

“The gameplay is tight, the writing is funny, and the procedurally generated characters are refreshing.” — Gamezo

“Obviously you’ll know how characters in Fire Emblem can have relationships. But what if they also had arguments, or got ill, or had a personal crisis?…That’s the premise of Together In Battle by Sinister Design. It is, of course, also a roguelite, so naturally it’s all procedurally generated, meaning that the soapy circumstances will apparently play out differently each time.” —Kotaku Australia

Key Features

An evolution of the lauded Telepath Tactics combat engine!

With a deterministic core that never wastes your time, combat in Together in Battle features dizzying tactical depth:

  • Strike from behind to avoid counterattacks and score a huge backstab bonus!
  • Claim the high ground to boost your effectiveness and hinder the enemy’s!
  • Knockback galore: shove and throw enemies into water, lava, and chasms; off of cliffs; or into each other!
  • Everything on the battlefield is destructible. Bust down doors, blow up walls, hack through bushes, chop through barricades! If you can see it, you can smash it.
  • Create new structures on the battlefield! Build your own bridges and barricades; freeze water to form ice bridges; set traps for enemies to wander into; place explosives to detonate at an opportune moment.
  • Take up position in tall grass to gain a defense boost–or hack it down to deny that same advantage to the enemy.
  • Take advantage of extreme turn flexibility: move a character, move a second character, then return to finish the first character’s turn. An unlimited undo stack lets you redo it all if you don’t like where everyone ended up!
  • Face a clever AI that uses the terrain to its advantage, takes advantage of weak positioning, and competes with you for dropped items.

Tons of content!

Together in Battle features dozens of random events and side quests; 6 playable species; 24 base classes with branching promotion options for a total of 72 distinct character classes; more than 150 character skills; and hundreds of thousands of possible procedurally generated weapons and pieces of armor.

Deep procedurally generated characters!

Every character has distinct traits, personal histories, beliefs, hobbies, and secrets. You’ll never get the same character twice.

These differences matter: a baker will use food to produce cookies and cakes you can eat or sell; a jokester will do funny impressions to boost morale; a hunter will boost your stocks with wild game; a blacksmith will repair the group’s weapons. Dancers are nimble; sailors are good swimmers. Some characters are prone to depression; some, to self-doubt. Some self-soothe with long walks or prayer; others undertake long-term projects like growing vegetables, crafting dolls, or writing novels. Learn what makes each character tick as they grow and form powerful bonds of friendship!

When is it coming out?

Together in Battle is planned for early access release in 2023.

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