April 16, 2018


I’m pleased to write that our Kickstarter campaign for True Messiah succeeded, ending with us about 112% funded!

In so doing, we hit our first two stretch goals: (1) the prosperity monolith tiles and (2) one distinct starting card for each of the four messiahs. The prosperity monolith tiles are designed already, so those won’t involve any extra work. However, I have not yet designed distinct starting cards for the messiahs, so I expect that to take a bit of time–particularly because I need to test them thoroughly and ensure they don’t introduce any balance issues!

I also promised a Kickstarter-exclusive card. I believe I know what the KS-exclusive card is going to be, but this, too, is something that I have to test to make sure it’s balanced.

So that’s what I’ll be up to next: testing my ideas for the new cards! Once I’m satisfied that they’re beneficial to the game, I’ll commence the process of manufacturing the game. All told, manufacturing and shipping should take 3-5 months, assuming nothing goes wrong.

If you missed the Kickstarter but you want a copy of True Messiah, not to worry–there’ll be extras left over from the print run! Keep an eye on True Messiah’s official page, as that is where I’ll be posting details on how to obtain a copy once I have said details firmed up.

Until next time!