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Forum and GUI Updates

First, some new forums info: posting on the old forums is now disabled. The old forums still remain available to read, however, so you can find the old threads you liked and restart the discussion on the new forums if you have the urge. Second, the GUI update is getting…

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New forums!

Exciting news! We now have locally hosted forums, which means: no more annoying ads on the forums, no more random forum crashes that I can’t do anything about, no more word count limits on posts! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty thrilled about it. Go ahead and register…

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Forum Issues

Our old forum host has issued something of an ultimatum: all users must upgrade their forums by January 31st or face deletion. Unfortunately, the upgrade process is not working, and our host hasn’t responded to requests for technical support. Right now, I’m looking into creating new, ad-free forums hosted here…

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