February 14, 2012

Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been released!

Happy Valentine’s Day! What can I say: I love you all so much, I decided to release a new game just for you.

Download Telepath RPG: Servants of God (use Adobe AIR to run the installer); then unlock the full game here.

“I am honestly surprised by the amount of dialogue in Telepath RPG, and at how well it is presented. Ideas are explored that most games ignore, such as how it feels to take someone’s life and how it is represented inside the mind.”
–Rick B., Indie Theory

“At heart, it’s a turn-based tactical RPG that feels like what a game of chess would be like if each piece had a big character sheet of RPG stats to take into consideration. Stern must have played a lot of Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics as a kid, as he knows how to exploit the mechanics of this kind of combat to demand strategic and thoughtful thinking from the player.”
–George Weidman, TruePCGaming

“It’s a solid SRPG with a compelling story that should win over traditional tabletop wargamers, as well as anyone who enjoyed Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics…. Small strategic details like flank attacks and ranged weapon usage are exactly right. The conflict that drives the game is worldly and political, but the main character’s quest is a personal one about family. There’s even an in-game explanation for why you’re able to see the position of every fighter on the battlefield, which is a detail that isn’t usually addressed in an SRPG of any type or setting. What’s most inspiring about the game is the novelty of the setting, which never seems to wear itself out.”
The Indie Mine


What’s all the buzz about? Buy the game and see for yourself.