February 19, 2012

Telepath RPG: Servants of God v 1.812 Patch

Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been patched to version 1.812. This newest patch does all of the following:

–fixed all of the voice-over dialog that wasn’t working the initial release.
–fixed problems in two of the conversations with the Ravinale librarian.
–fixed a bug that occurs when scanning a certain assassin in the Order of the Black Rose.
–added new dialog with Arman, conditional on the player learning certain things about him.
–made the first battle in Crypt 1 more challenging.
–the player now spawns in the correct spot after beating Crypt 1.
–fixed a bug in Crypt 3 that would cause the game to skip over two of the puzzles.
–fixed a bug where the crystal orb would disappear once unequipped.
–fixed a collision issue with a treasure chest in a cave in the The Great Forest.
–made enemy hearts display the correct color when the info button is pressed.
–improved the user interface for changing orbs and managing attacks.
–provided better in-game explanations at the start of the game of what the stats are, and of the differences between difficulty levels.
–Alissa now appears at Ravinale HQ if you recruit her prior to acquiring the desert hideout.
–fixed a cosmetic issue in the Ravinale library.
–boosted the difficulty of the final suite of battles somewhat.
–easy difficulty now starts the player with 25 soul charges instead of 20.
–starting a New Game+ after beating the game on Brutal difficulty now keeps the game set to Brutal.

To get the patch, just download the game again and run the installer, then click Replace when it prompts you to do so. It won’t affect your saved games.

Weirdly, the game now supports more voice-overs than I can actually fit into the AIR installer. For now, the excess voice-overs are contained in a separate zip file, available here. Just unzip it into the game’s install folder to get whatever voice-overs aren’t installed automatically by AIR.