February 12, 2018

True Messiah February 2018 update

The time draws nigh, True Messiah fans! In one short month, I will launch the second True Messiah Kickstarter.

I’ve updated the rulebook; updated the how-to-play video series; lined up another review; did an interview; signed up for showings at not one, but two conventions; and even managed to snag the game an award nomination from SXSW! I’m ready. (I think.)

We’re playing for all the marbles this time around; if the campaign doesn’t succeed, I’ll take it as a sign that True Messiah wasn’t meant to be, and move on to other things. But if it does succeed? Well! Then we’ll have brought a one-of-a-kind strategy board game into existence, and the universe of strategy games will have another star glimmering in the firmament.

It seems obvious to say, but it’s true: I can’t do this alone. I’ll be sounding the proverbial horn when the campaign launches, and I’d like nothing better than to have you by my side in the vanguard. If you want to help (and to receive a copy of True Messiah in the process!), then you know exactly what to do:

[yikes-mailchimp form=”1″]

I have more work to do before the appointed hour–I’ll see you soon, friends!



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