September 27, 2016

True Messiah Kickstarter campaign is go!

This is it, folks–True Messiah is now on Kickstarter!


I first started developing True Messiah a little more than 13 years ago (that’s about 3 years before I  taught myself Flash and came out with Telepath RPG Chapter 1!) True Messiah was originally called “Messiah: A Game of Cult Warfare,” and it was my final project for the one and only game design course I took in college.

True Messiah is now complete–but since board games are actual physical goods, I need to raise some money so I can pay a factory to actually produce a decent-sized run of the things, then ship them overseas. A more detailed cost breakdown is over on the Kickstarter page if you’re curious.

Speaking of which: why are you still here? Go check out the Kickstarter page!