February 8, 2012

TSoG Comes Out on Valentine’s Day

Hey everybody! I’m working furiously right now to add in some of the things I want Telepath RPG: Servants of God to have upon release. I just wanted to take a second to remind everyone that I’m releasing the game on Tuesday, February 14.

TSoG has had a lot of positive previews so far. Some writers really like the setting; others really like the writing; and others are enamored of the combat system. Then you have still others who like that it’s from Chicago, though that’s really neither here nor there. (Unless you live in Chicago, in which case, it’s decidedly here–but I digress.)

It’s been a long, hard road developing this game. I started work on it during late December of 2007, while I was still in the middle of law school. I spent long nights on my ex-girlfriend’s bed typing away on a laptop, inspiring her to come up with a variant on this track (“I was makin’ TRPG”).

I’m pretty happy with how the game has come together, even though a few of my grander ideas didn’t make the cut. I’m looking forward to letting you all try out the finished game, and even moreso to making bigger and better titles for you in the future. Until Tuesday!