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TSoG Wish List / Character Themed Side-Quests
« on: October 02, 2010, 02:59:55 PM »
I donít know whether or not Craig planned this, but it seems that each character has their own problems. By problems, I mean that they have things outside the Resistance and Cult that is still bothering them. For example: Griffin still has problems with his parents. This idea is that over the course of the game, each character will their own problems solved by the Hero. Perhaps, he will get a special bonus afterwards. Some examples of these missions would be:

Griffin: Griffin and his parents arenít really talking to each other, The Hero and Griffin will have to go save Griffinís parents because the Cult abducts them. Once you save them, Griffin will make up with his parents and he will be only focused on the mission.

Rahel: Rahel had some trouble back in Rubat, so when Rahel and The Hero go to Rubat she will confront the guy she was supposed to marry. However, the clan could be mad at Rahel and want to apprehend her. This would not only be a cool mission but you could get closer to Rahel...

Arman: Arman just ran away from the order of the black rose, and we have already dealt with Alíal. It is possible that, Arman first side quest was his Character Themed Side-Quest but anything is possible. 

Set: Set doesnít have a Backbone, so there could be a mission where sets learns to stand up for himself and take a leadership role. This could involve a lot of things as devolping a backbone might aquire a lot of thing. 

Luca: Luca doesnít know much about her past, in one of the later missions Luca could remember what happened (or a fragment of it) and want to go search for it. This mission would probably involve a lot of sprits.

Malis: Malis might need help with her shipments of spices into Rainville until they are attacked by looters and maybe even shadowlings. Her shipments would arrive by boat so it could bring back everyone favourite boat battles? 

Forum Games / World Domination 5!
« on: September 27, 2010, 07:09:02 AM »
Its Back! Everyone knows the rules of World Domination, and for those who don't:

1. Each turn add 1 to a country and subtract 1 from a country (show your move)
2. You cannot add to the country with 100
3. If a country reaches 0, remove it from the list and write below your move what happened to it
4. Don't change the point totals
5. Don't counter the move before you

Everyone have fun! The list of Countries are:

Azerbaijan: 10
Bhutan: 10
CŰte d'Ivoire : 10
Djibouti: 10
Eritrea : 10
Guinea-Bissau: 10
Kiribati: 10
Kyrgyzstan: 10
Lithuania: 10
Mauritania: 10
Saint Kitts and Nevis: 10
Vanuatu: 10
Vatican City : 10
United Kingdom: 100

TSoG Wish List / The Golden Egg
« on: September 19, 2010, 03:11:50 PM »
The Golden Egg

Authorís Notes:
I made this side quest from the topic Qudssi and Naj. I mentioned a magical chicken so here is he. His name is Buh'baque as suggested by Craig. This side-quest was made for fun and it doesnít really matter if it gets in or not. Now may I present: The Golden Egg

Main Quest:
Kids these days, no respect for old people
If you go into the Ravinale slums you will find an old man in front of a door to a small shack.

1. Hey you sonny boy, do you think you could help an old man?
a. Sure, What is it? [Sends to 2]
b. I donít have time. [Exits Conversation]

2. Well, I lost my key to my house when I was in the Great Forest a week ago. I have too little money to get a ride there. Do you think you could get it for me?
a. Sure, why not [Sends to 3]
b. Whatís in it for me? [Sends to 4]
c. Canít help you sorry. [Exits Conversation]

3. Thank you, I will be in your dept forever!
a. [Exits Conversation]

4. Whereís your manners sonny boy? You should help me, Iím an old man!
a. Fine, Iíll help you [Sends to 3]
b. Leave me alone you cantankerous old man [Sends to 5]

5. Kids these days, no respect for old people.
a. [Exits Conversation]


1.b, 2.b: Repeats the same dialogue as before

3.a, B2.a : Starts the quest. Gives Dialogue B if he is talked to again
B. Have you found the key yet?
a. No not yet [Sends to B.2]

B2: Well I canít wait out here forever sonny boy.
a. [Exits Conversation]

5.a.,A.c: Gives Dialogue A.
A. Well, sonny boy is back, are you ready to help this old man?
a. Sure, why not [Sends to 3]
b. What do you want again? [Sends to 2]
c. Go rot in a grave, old man [Exits Conversation]

When you go to the Great Forest, in the top right corner you can see a small key hidden behind a bush.

1.  (You see a small bronze key; it is probably the old manís)
a. (Pick it up)
b. (Leave it alone)

When you go back to the old man, a new set of dialogue options open.

1.  Sonny Boy your back, do you have the key or not?
a. Yes, here you go [Sends to 2]
b. (Lie) No I donít [Sends to 4]

2. Thank You, I donít have much money put you can have this as reward.
a. Yes please [Exits Conversation]
b. Oh no thank you, it was my pleasure [Sends to 3]

3. Oh my! I wish that all young people were like you sonny boy!
a. [Exits Conversation]

4. I might not have long to live and I donít to live the rest of it on the street corner!
a. Iíll find it [Exits Conversation]


4.a: Gives the same dialogue as before.

2.a: Gives you 500 gold

3.a: Gives +1 Personality

The screen then blacks and the old man moves to inside the house. If he is talk to again he says this. All dialogue endings lead to the repeat of the same dialogue

1. Well, if it isnít sonny boy! I am so thankful for getting me back into my house.
a. Your welcome! [Exits Conversation]
b. Is everything all right here? [Sends to 2]

2. Almost everything; except some chicken has roosted in my backyard!
a. Do you want me to get rid of it? [Sends to 3]
b. Thank for the info. [Exits Conversation]

3. It doesnít really matter to me, sonny boy.
a. [Exits Conversation]

The Psy Fighter vs. The Chicken
If you go outside (there is a door near the back of the house) you are in some small garden (with a fence and a small pond). Once you go to the back of the yard you can find a chicken roosting on a box.

1. (It appears to be a regular chicken, sitting in a small nest).
a. (Attack the Chicken) [Sends to 2]
b. (Scan the Chicken) [Sends to 3 if aptitude is 15 or less, Sends to 4 if aptitude 16 or more]
c. (Leave the Chicken alone) [Exits Conversation]

2. (You ruffle the chickenís featherís feathers and it squawks. It looks it is it going to peck you to death)
a. (Defend Yourself) [Exits Conversation]

3. (It seems like a normal chicken. Its thoughts are clearly indicating that it is perfectly content on staying where it is. It doesnít mind your presence)
a. (Attack the Chicken) [Sends to 2]
b. (Leave the Chicken alone) [Exits Conversation]

4. (You scan the chicken and youíre amazed. This chicken, while having normal chicken thoughts, has its own psy power. What is even more amazing is it suppressing it. It has also given itself a name: Buh'baque. This chicken doesnít seem like a normal chicken and you wonder whether bothering it is a good idea. You also find a huge energy source almost as great as the chickenís beneath it. You look down and notice some sort of golden egg!)  
a. (Attack the Chicken) [Sends to 2]
b. (Leave the Chicken alone) [Exits Conversation]
c. (Convince Buh'baque to leave) [Only appears if you have a aptitude of 21 or more] [Sends to 5]

5. (You struggle to convince Buh'baque to leave. You implant pictures of cold-weather coming but Buh'baque still doesnít leave. You struggle even harder and implant the picture of an ice storm coming. Suddenly, Buh'baque springs up and flies away.)
a. (Exits Conversation)


1.a, 3.b, 4.b: Gives same dialogue as before.

2.a: Sends to Battle 1.A

5.a: The screen blackens and the chicken is gone leaving the golden egg behind.

After Battle 1.A

Buh'baque is on the ground twitching and suddenly, Buh'baque gets back up and flies back to the box (Briefly showing the golden egg). Buh'baque envelops in a black light and the light dissipates. Buh'baque is now black and has black flames spouting from its wing tips. Buh'baque then starts ca-cawing (Audio) and the screen scrolls to the left of you. The screen stops at the fence and four chickens land on the fence. The screen scrolls over to the other side of the backyard, and four more chickens land on that fence. The screen scrolls back to you and you say

1.  This isnít good...
a. [Exits Conversation]

The screen then scrolls back to Buh'baque and he screams: ďBuh'baque!Ē (A chicken call, not his name) (Audio)

This starts battle 1.B

After you finish battle 1.B, you see Buh'baque lying on the ground and he turns white again. He then gets up and flies away.

When you move over to the box you can now click the golden egg.

1. (It appears to be a golden egg, but at a closer inspection it is actually something else. You sense great power coming from it.)
a. (Pick it Up) [Sends to 2]
b. (Leave it alone) [Exits Conversation]

2. (You pick it up and feel and wonderful sensation. You feel as though your body is healthy. You look at your arms and you are astounded. The cuts and brushes from your previous battles are quickly healing and soon nothing is left.)
a. Weird (Exits Conversation)

If you go talk to the man again he says (Note this only happens once):

1. I saw what happened with you, sonny boy, and that chicken. Iím glad I didnít try to get rid of it.
a. It would have torn you apart [Sends to 2]

2. (He smiles) I might be an old man but I still have some fighting spirit in me.
a. Okay, whatever you say [Exits Conversation]

If you talk to him again after that he says:

1. Well, if it isnít sonny boy! I am so thankful for getting me back into my house.
a. Your welcome! [Exits Conversation]
b. Is everything all right here? [Sends to 2]

2. Yep thanks for asking.
a. [Exits Conversation]

Buh'baque (Normal Form): (He is an above average chicken, except he is holding back)
Health: 25
Speed: 4 (Flying)
Attacks: Peck (Range: 1, Damage: 6)
Resistance: None
Immunity: None

Health: 120
Speed: 4 (Flying)
Attacks: Peck (Range: 1, Damage: 15), Egg Shot (Range: -2[Like Griffinís Backhander], Damage: 30)
Resistance: Mental
Immunity: None

Chicken: (Itís a normal chicken... that wants to kill you!)
Health: 20
Speed: 4 (Flying)
Attacks: Peck (Range 1, Damage: 5)
Resistance: None
Immunity: None

Gold: You know, you buy stuff with it.

+ 1 Personality: Options up new dialogue options that helps persuade people to do things your way!

Gold Orb: Regenerates 20 HP a turn!

The White spriggat represents Buh'baque in the first battle, and normal chicken's in the second battle. The Dark Spriggat represents Buh'baque in the second battle.

Battle 1.A: (Defeat Boss) [You Go First]

Battle 1.B: (Defeat all enemies) [Enemies Go First]

TSoG Wish List / New Tile Ideas
« on: September 19, 2010, 02:35:04 PM »
In this forum you can post some of your own Tile (for Map-Maker) Ideas. Please give a brief description of the tile, if it has any special qualities (I.E: Only flying units can traverse over it, nothing can pass on it). Also, explain why it would be necessary or needed in TSoG. The Top rated tiles will get added to the Formulated Tile Ideas (Which I am asking Ert or KZ to make if this forum become big).

Here are some ideas to get this forum started:

Boat Tiles:

Many people enjoyed the boat battles in TRPG2 (I know I did), so it would be only natural to add them to the tile set. Most people know what they look like what for those that donít, they are wooden tiles that have edge tiles to connect to the water (Un-traversable by non-flying units), a main cabin area (Un-traversable by anything), and some wood in the middle (Traversable by everything). 

Snow and Rock Tiles:

There must be areas in the near future of TSoG that will be in a colder climate. The same goes with Rock/Mountainous areas. The snow tiles would include trees/bushes, paths, ice, and rock adds on to enhance. Rock tiles could have rocks, sand, and snow to enhance the battlefield. The tiles would be like regular tiles (Traversable by everything) expect in the place of trees, rocks, and what not.

Water to Forest Tiles:

The Water tiles only connect to land via sand tiles. It makes it weird when you are trying to do a forest map and want to add water for a little stream and you need to add a sand to water tile to add the water. However with this tile, you can mix water and the forest without having to add in the sand tiles (for a small stream). The tiles would in the sand to water formations and they would be un-traversable by non-flying units.

TSoG / Qudssi and Naj
« on: September 11, 2010, 03:34:18 PM »
Craig has introduced two new playable characters: Qudssi and Naj. Here is the fourm where you suggest what they are (Race) and they are going be (Class).

Naj: It sounds like a Shadowling or Spriggat name. Personally I think it is going to be a Shadowling with some sort of different ability: I.E: (Niven). The Spriggat could eitehr be a black or yellow/light spriggat.

Qudssi: I think it is going to be either a Gelf (They can have names) or some sort of Golem. The Gelf having animals and other things. The Golem would be like Flint mixed maybe with Dorgon.

TSoG Wish List / The Strange Traveller
« on: August 18, 2010, 05:23:52 PM »
The Strange Traveller

Author's Notes

I am happy to be finally, after many weeks, releasing a spectacular Fan-Made Side Quest. I have worked long and hard trying to create battles, making dialogue and ideas. I sent my side-quest to some people before I released it and they thought it was great. I just wanted tell everyone that I have permission from Craig to use another country in my Side-Quest. I am happy to take criticism, as I do not think this is by any means done. I would still like to hear people's comments and opinion's about my Side-Quest and what I can do to fix/improve it and any other edits. Now, I would like to present: The Strange Traveller.

Main Quest

Meeting the Tratenite

After you free your parents go to the Ravinale Dock area. Standing at the edge of the first dock will be a guy with blonde hair. Walk over to him and talk to him.

1. (A man in strange clothes stands at the edge of the dock. He looks clean and doesnít have a tan. He doesnít notice your approach.)   
a. Hey you. [Sends to 2]
b. Scan his Mind [Sends to 5]
c. (Ignore) [Exits Conversation]

2. (The man doesnít even notice you but he says to himself) Where?
a. Hello? [Sends to 3]
b. Scan his Mind [Sends to 5 (If Aptitude is lower than 15) Sends to 6 (If Aptitude is 16 or higher)]
c. I donít have time for this [Exits Conversation]

3. (The man still doesnít respond)
a. Iím talking to you (Tap him on the shoulder) [Sends to 4]
b. Scan his Mind [Sends to 5]
c. Urghhhh [Exits Conversation]

4. (The man doesnít turn around but simply says) Please leave me alone
a. Why should I? [Sends to 3]
b. Fine with me [Exits Conversation]

5. (He is shielding his mind well, you cannot break through)
a. Mister? [Sends to 3]
b. Youíre Boring [Exits Conversation]

6. (He tries to shield his mind but his barriers lapse for a second, you can only pick out one word though; Traten)
a. Who are you? [Sends to 7]
b. Whatís Traten? [Sends to 9]
c. Okay then [Exits Conversation]

7. Does that concern you?
a. Yes [Sends to 8]
b. No [Exits Conversation]

8. It Doesnít now leave me alone
a. [Exits Conversation]

7. (The manís body twitches and the man speaks in a slow hollow tone) Forget you ever heard that word.  (He suddenly turns around and walks away)
[Exits Conversation]

If you asked him ďWhatís TratenĒ then he disappears and you cannot complete the side-quest. If however you learned the word Traten and left the conversation or you just left the conversation you can still go back and talk to him the same way as above.

The World Map

You then must go to the library (once you learn the word Traten). On the left side of the library there is a world-map on the wall. If you go over and a examine it will say.

1. It is a map of the world
a. Nothing Interesting [Exits Map]
b. (Examine it) [Sends to World Map]

This shows a picture of the world map. What you must do is go to the northwest section of the map and click the country with the name Traten. There is a button at the bottom right hand corner of the map to exit the world map.

A Bit more Knowledgeable

This dialogue can be accessed after seeing the World Map.

1. (The same man is standing at the edges of the docks, he doesnít react to you walking up to him)
a. Hello Again [Sends to 2]
b. Its Northwest of here [ Sends to 6]
c. Never Mind [Exits Conversation]

2. (He still doesnít respond)
a. Iím talking to you [ Sends to 3]
b. Why donít you respond [Sends to 4]
c. Iím Leaving [Exits Conversation]

3. I donít wish to be annoyed right now
a. Iíll show you who is annoying [ Sends to 2]
b. What Ever [Exits Conversation]

4. Because I have other things to worry about
a. Such as? [ Sends to 5]
b. I know what you are worrying about [Sends to 15]

5. I donít want to disclose that with you
a. Fine then [Exits Conversation]

6. (The man pauses and simply says) How do you know that?
a. Because I am from Traten [ sends to 7]
b. Because I checked a world map [sends to 11]

7. Whatís the Capital then?
a. Trageth [sends to 8]
b. Frathy [sends to 8]
c. Hubras City [sends to 8]
d. I was kidding. Iím not from Traten [sends to 9]

8. Incorrect, youíre not from Traten. Leave me alone
a. [Exits Conversation]

9. You wield something that could harm me yet you play with it as it were a mere toy
a. How could it hurt you? [Sends to 10]

10. Why donít you ask someone else that question?
a. [Exits Conversation]

11. Where did you obtain information that I needed to know that
a. I scanned you [ sends to 12]
b. Some drunk at the bar [ sends to 13]
c. I didnít know I just guessed [ sends to 14]

12. Then you have already made your point
a. [Exits Conversation]

13. I didnít share that with anyone, do no talk to me again
a. [Exits Conversation]

14. Please do not bother me
a. [Exits Conversation]

15. My worries donít concern anyone but myself. (He turns and faces you. He has blue eyes. Around his neck you see a necklace with a little charm. It looks like a wand with star on the top). Now please leave me alone.
a. [Exits Conversation]

Endings 1.c, 2.c, 3.c, 5.a, 14.a 15.a all lead to the same dialogue options as above if he is talked to again. Endings 8.a, 12.a, and 13.a all end with A. If Ending 10.a is done, he says B but he disappears forever if you leave the area 

A. (The man says something before you even say something) There is nothing more we can say to each other.
a. [Exits Conversation]

B. Have you asked yet?
a. [Exits Conversation]

The Wise Librarian

The Librarian Dialogue can happen anytime after learning about Traten from the world map but cannot be done if the man doesnít want to talk to you or leaves Ravinale. Also, you must have completed crypt 2

1. Welcome to the Library of Yawah,  the Great and Merciful. Can I help you (She thinks to herself, quite clearly intending for you to hear, have you found the books yet?)
a. No, thank you. Not yet...
b. Actually I have a question about something [Sends to 2]

2. (What would you like to know?)
a. (Do you know what Traten is?) [Sends to 3]

3. (Her eyes widen and she thinks very slowly)(From what I have heard, it is a country Northwest of Cera Bella. However, we went to war with them not to long ago)
a. (War?) [Sends to 4]

4. (We don't know why they went to war with us. If I recall though, Traten pulled out because their government was losing power to a rival political party. I also know that after the war, the Cult used the tension and fear to gain political power and convince people to join their religion.)
a. (Do you know anything else about Traten?) [ Sends to 5]

5. (No, but there was a book in this library before the Cult came and removed all the books)
a. Hmmmmm [Exits Conversation]

A Book!?!

You can go the Cellar and examine the books from Crypt 2 and click the book at the closest to the corner. (This is optional but highly recommended) (Note: Itís the Red Book)

1. You look at the book and you canít believe your eyes. Itís the book the librarian was talking about! Itís title is Traten: Our Northern Neighbours.
a. [Examine It] [Sends to 2]
b. [Leave book alone] [Exits Book]

2. Traten is our enemy. Even though they are we must keep our friends close and our enemies closer. In these pages you will learn everything about Traten.
a. [Read Introduction] [Sends to 3]
b. [Put Book Down] [Exits Book]

3. Traten is a land far off, northwest of Cera Bella. It is a fairly big continent and it all follows under the same government. Its Capital is Troten. Its climate is snowy and is cold most of the year. The main religious figure is Sorther, a magic god who they believe created the entire world with a flick of his wand. The country first calling itself that in..... (The pages drone on about everything from wars to famines. It gets pretty boring fast and you put the book down.)
a. [Exit Book]

What Am I? Some Cheap Assassin!

Once you talk to the Librarian a new set of dialogue options open up with the man.

1. (The same man is standing at the edges of the docks, he doesnít react to you walking up to him)
a. Look I know you are from Traten [ Sends to 2]
b. [Ignore Him] [Exits Conversation]

2. Are you here to kill me or what?
a. Yes I am [ Sends 3]
b. I am an ally of Traten's though. [ Sends to 4] 
c. [Bluff][Requires 16 or more Personality] Iím here to warn you, The Cult are going to kill you [Sends to 11]

3. (The man stares at you and says) Bring it on.
a. [Exits Conversation]

4. If you are our allies then you must know what the capital of Traten is?
a. Trageth [sends to 5]
b. Frathy [sends to 5]
c. Hubras City [sends to 5]
d. Troten [Sends to 6] [Only available if you read the book]

5. Thatís wrong and you know my secret. I canít let you live
a. [Exits Conversation]

6. So you are here to help me. Iím Sorry for my Rudeness. I am Alexander Arcon
a. I am [Heroís Name] what is troubling you Alexander? [Sends to 7]

7. I want to get back home (he signs) but I have very little money to do it.
a. How Can I Help? [Sends to 8]
b. Sorry but I donít think I can help you [Exits Conversation]

8. Well I would need a private book that the sailors would be fine with where they are going. We would also need supplies for the trip. I am guessing around 5000 Gold.
a. Here you go [Sends to 9 if you have less than 5000 Gold] [Sends to 10  if you have 5000 gold or more]
b. 5000 gold, thatís too rich for my blood [Exits Conversation]

9. Iím afraid you are short of the 5000 Gold
a. Iíll be back [Exits Conversation]

10. Thank You, I have nothing to give you but thankful none the less.
a. Your welcome! [Exits Conversation]

11. Why would the Cult attack me, Iíve done nothing to them.
a. Because youíre from Traten and you pose a risk to them. However, I am fighting the cult and you can help us. [Sends to 12]
b. [Requires you to read the book and see the little charm on his neck] Because they think Sorther is a false god! [Sends to 23]

12. How?
a. By sending Traten Troops in and obliterating them! [Sends to 13]
b. By helping us take them on. [Sends to 16]

13. Under normal circumstances I would say no, but I do need help. My name is Alexander. See, I need to get back home to Traten. Thankfully, The Cult has a boat coming from Lake Alto filled with Supplies soon. I can use that boat to get back home. Although I will need a crew, which might cost around 1000 gold.
a. Deal [Sends to 14 if you have 999 gold or less][Sends to 15 if you have 1000 gold or more]
b. Iím not making the deal you [Exits Conversation]

14. (He counts up the gold) You donít have enough money. Come back when you have the correct amount.
a. [Exits Conversation]

15. (He counts up the gold) Okay, come see me again we you are ready.
a. [Exits Conversation]

16. Why would I do something so stupid to get myself killed.
a. because it is for the betterment of the our people [Sends to 17]
b. because Iíll pay you [Sends to 19]

17. Like I care about your little problems
a. How about we trade then, Iíll help you if you help me [Sends to 18]
b. Your cruel and selfish I donít want to talk to you [Exits Conversation]

18. Well I do need help getting back home.
a. Sure Iíll help what do I have to do [Sends to 8]
b. I changed my Mind [Exits Conversation]

19. How much exactly?
a. 500 Gold [Sends to 20]
b. 1000 Gold [Sends to 20 if you have 16 or less Personality][Sends to 21 if you have 17 or more Personality]
c. 2000 Gold [Sends to 22]

20.  What do you think I am? Some cheap Assassin? Go away.
a. Fine [Exits Conversation]

21. Thatís too low so I wonít do it
a. Yes but I know your secret and would you rather have one enemy or two? [Sends to 22]

22. Fine, Deal.
a. Good. Now I need to find out what I need you to do. [Exits Conversation]

23. (His eyes winded and he starts to yell) They said What!?! Iíll Kill them. Iíll kill them all. You hear that you Cultists! Iíll kill you and show you that Yawah is the fake god. (The people in the bar look out onto the street and you noticed that he caused a bit too much of a commotion). I, Alexander Arcon, shall fight these men who dare say that Sorther is a fake god.
(A couple Guards wearing cult symbols step forward and yell) who dare speaks badly about Yawah. You must be shown the light (The guards draw their weapons and advance)
a. [Exits Conversation]

The Endings

1.b: Gives the Same Options as Before

3.a, 5.a: Sends Hero to Battle 1.E

7.b, A.b: Gives A Dialogue

A. Do you think you can help me now?
a. Yes of course [Sends to 8]
b. No Iím sorry [Exits Conversation]

8.b, 9.a, B.b: Gives B Dialogue

B. Do you have the 5000 gold yet?
a. Yes I have it right here [Sends to 9 if you have less than 5000 Gold] [Sends to 10  if you have 5000 gold or more]
b. Iím afraid not [Exits Conversation]

10.a: Gives you the letter which you get after completing the Temple Battles.

13.b, D.a,17.b,18.b, 20.a,: Gives Dialogue D.

D. Just leave me alone and donít bother me.
a. (Leave)[Exits Conversation]

14.a, E.b : Gives Dialogue E.

E. Do you have 1000 Gold.
a. Here it is [Sends to 14 if you have 999 Gold or Less][Sends to 15 if you have 1000 gold or more]
b. No I donít [Exits Conversation]

15.a, F.b: Gives Dialogue F.
F. Are you ready to take on the Cultís boat now?
a. Yes I am ready [Sends to Battle 2.A]
b. No Iím not [Exits Conversation]

22.a,G.a: Gives to G Dialouge

G. Have you found out what you want me to do?
a. Not Yet [Exits Conversation]

23.a: Sends to Battle 1.A

Griffin Knows Best

If you got the G Dialogue you then must go back to Griffin. You then can access a new dialogue with him at the bottom of the screen.

1. Hey [Heroís Name], whatís up?
a. I need something from you. [Sends to 2]

2. What is it?
a. Well I got this guy down by the docks to help us fight the cult. [Sends to 3]

3. Thatís great [Heroís Name]. The more people we have on our side the stronger we are.
a. Yes but it is only a one time deal. [Sends to 4]

4. Well (Griffin scratches his chin) I think we could try something like attacking one of their shrines although it might be really tough. I would only do it if you think you are strong enough. Can we trust him though?
a. He is just some guy from Lake Alto [Sends to 5]
b. Heís a Tratenite [Sends to 6]
c. I donít think we can do it Griffin [Sends to 8]

5. Great, contact him with the news!
a. Okay Griffin [Exits Conversation]

6. Dear Anu..... Iím sorry [Heroís Name] but if we must do anything we have to get rid of him. He might be even worse than the cult itself.
a. So do you want me to kill him? [Sends to 7]

7. Yes and do so quickly. The more time he is left alive the more chance of an invasion of Cera Bella by the Tratens!
a. [Exits Conversation] 

8. Good call [Heroís Name]. Tell this person what we donít need his services.
a. [Exits Conversation]

The dialogue with Alexander can depend on what ending you got.

5.a: Gives Dialogue A

A. Have you found out what you want me to do?
a. Not Yet [Exits Conversation]
b. We need you to help us take down a Cult Temple [Sends to A2]

A2. Great, sounds easy. Are you ready to go?
a. Letís Go [Exits Conversation]
b. Almost [Exists Conversation]

A2.b, B.b: Gives Dialogue B

B. Can we go now?
a. Yes, itís time. [Exits Conversation]
b. No Iím almost done though [Exits Conversation]

7.a, C.a: Gives Dialogue C

C. Have you found out what you want me to do?
a. (Lie) Not Yet [Exits Conversation]
b. Actually Iím going to kill you [Sends to C2]

C2. Wha-What? I thought we had a deal? You are going down kid!
a. (Defend Yourself) [Exits Conversation] [Sends to Battle 1.E]

8.a, D.a: Gives Dialogue D

D. Have you found out what you want me to do?
a. (Lie) Hold on a bit longer [Exits Conversation]
b. I donít need you services any more [Sends to D2]

D2. So.... Can I keep the 1000 gold?
a. No, hand it over, now! [Sends to D3]
b. Of course you may [Sends to D4]

D3. Over my dead body!
a. I can arrange that [Exits Conversation] [Sends to Battle 1.E]

D4. Really, thatís the nicest thing anybody has ever done to me. Here I was saving this but I think you need it more than I do. (He gives you back your 1000 gold and 1000 gold with it)!
a. Thank You! [Exits Conversation]

D4.a, E.a, E.b: Gives Dialogue E

E. How are you my friend?
a. Iím Great, thank you for asking! [Exits Conversation]
b. Iím not that happy right now. [Exits Conversation]

If you get the 2000 gold from him then he will stay their for the rest of the game a repeat dialogue E. If you battle him and kill him you get 1000 gold.

Battle Text!

The next part in covers all post/pre battle dialogue that takes place during this Side Quest.

After Battle 1.A


Before Battle 1.B

(You and Alexander have moved to the center part of Ravinale)
1. Alexander: Ughhh when do these Guards stop coming!?!
a. Well you were the one who insulted the cut so loudly [Sends to 2]

2. Alexander: Well I wouldnít even be in this position if I had simply brought my charm.
    Unknown: What the hell is going on. Iíve never seen so many guards this angry before!
a. Arman? [Sends to 3]

3. Arman: Ya itís me and the team, kid. Let me guess, you have something to do with this.
a. A little bit [Sends to 5]
b. It was my friend over here [Sends to 4]

4. Arman: What did you do man!
    Alexander: I insulted the Cult because they insulted my God! [Continue]

5. Griffin: I hate to stop our catch up but there are guards here we need to take care of.
a. Okay Griffin [Exits Conversation]


5a: [Sends to battle 1.B]

After Battle 1.B (You and Alexander have meet up with the group.)

1. Griffin: What happened [Heroís Name]?
a. Alexander over there insulted the cult and now they are after us. [Sends to 2]

2. Alexander: They insulted my god so Iím going to go to one of them and insult their god and maybe kill them while Iím at it.
Arman: I like this guy [Continue]

3. Griffin: Well, we could team up with this guy and fight some of the Cult but since you know him most [Heroís Name] Iíll let you decide.
a. Letís help him [Exits Conversation]
b. No way we could get killed badly! [Exits Conversation]


3a: Sends to battle 1.C

3b: Stops side quest (Note: you cannot see Alexander again)

Before Battle 1.C:


After Battle 1.C:


Before Battle 1.D

(You guys approach some sort of stage. On it however there are lots of guards wearing a regular uniform but they  have a blue sash over their shoulder and one priest stands at the back)
1. Asim: Ahh so are you the ones that have disgraced Yawah in public?
Alexander: Thatís right! You call my god fake, and Iíll call your god fake
[Continue] [Sends to 2]

2. Asim: And who, if I may ask, is your god?
Alexander: Sorther.
[Continue] [Sends to 3]

3. Asim: Ah I see, you believe in a foreign god to us. No matter though, since our God is real he will give us strength to fight you dark ones.
Alexander: Your ignorance and arrogance is your downfall!
[Continue] [Sends to 4]

4. Asim: What do you mean?
Alexander: You believe in only your god and no other gods can exist. You also believe that people who donít worship your god are traitors. My god doesnít demand that! All you need to do is exhibit the behaviour you want to receive back and believe that he is the most powerful being. He doesnít require us to torture and kill heretics. Surely a god that cares about his people is a great god, but when you have a god that frowns upon other races it isnít all that merciful.
[Continue] [Sends to 5]

5. Asim: Enough talk Dark Ones, you shall die for insulting the great Yawah!
[Exits Conversation]


5a: Sends to Battle 1.D

After Battle 1.D

1. Alexander: Thank you [Heroís Name] with the amount of gold I have collected because of this I can get back home.
a. Iím glad I could help! [Exits Conversation]

This means that Alexander disappears but if you go leave Ravinale and come back and go to head quarters there will be small box near Baz.

1. Ah [Heroís Name] This just came in the mail. It was addressed to you.
a. Thank you! [Exits Conversation]

When you click the box itself you can get two dialogue. If you clicked it without talking to Baz first:

A. Hey, donít touch that yet!
a. okay [Exits Conversation]

However if you talk to Baz it says:

B. You approach the box and sense some sort of power emulating from it.
a. (Look Inside) [Sends to B2]
b. (Back away) [Exits Conversation] (Note Same dialogue is given if clicked again)

B2. (You open the box and find a piece of paper covering something. The paper says)- Dear [Heroís Name]. I have gotten back home safely and I wanted thank you for helping me get the money I needed. P.S: I hope my charm comes in handy!
a. (Remove Paper) (Sends to B3)
b (Leave the Paper alone) [Exits Conversation]

B3. (You remove the paper and look at the charm. It a small sphere that is azure. You reach down and pick it up. You suddenly feel light; almost like you are walking on air. You look down and you are shocked. Your feet are hovering around 10 cm off the ground! You look back into the box and notice something else, A huge pile of gold. You count it up and it is 5000 gold.
a. Weird.... (Exits conversation)

The box disappears if you empty of its contents but it doesnít disappear if you donít remove the orb. If you click the box again after you empty it but before you leave the area it says:

C. It is simply a box and it is empty
a. (Leave) [Exits Conversation]

Before Battle 1.E


After Battle 1.E


Before Battle 2.A

(Your Team, Alexander, and you are standing at the docks watching the cults boat docking)
1. Griffin: Ummm, so [Heroís Name], why do we have to do this again?
a. we donít have time for this Griffin [Exits Conversation]
b. Because this will diminish the Cultís supplies [Sends to 2]

2. Arman: And why is he with us?
a. Because he is just helping us [Sends to 3]

3. Alexander: The boat is docking soon so get ready
Arman: No need to boss us around, thatís the kidís job [Exits Conversation]

After Battle 2.A

Everyone has gathered on top of the boat near the stairs to the hull

1. Alexander: Well we only have to clear the bottom and the boat will be ours
a. That seems easy enough [Exits Conversation]

Before Battle 2.B


After Battle 2.B

1. Arman Well that was more trouble than it was worth
Alexander: Well Iíll be going now
[Continue] [Sends to 2]

2. Set: What do you mean?
Alexander: Iím going to use this boat to get back home. Itís not you need it anyway.
[Continue] [Sends to 3]

3. Griffin: Hey wait a minute....
a. Griffin just let him go [Sends to 4]

4. Griffin: But [Heroís Name]... Never mind, well goodbye
Alexander: Goodbye everyone
(Done) [Exits Conversation]

The screen changes to you at the docks. The boat has left. Once you leave Ravinale and come back a package will be waiting for you at headquarters near Griffin.

1. Ah [Heroís Name] This just came in the mail. It was addressed to you.
a. Thank you! [Exits Conversation]

When you click the box itself you can get two dialogues. If you clicked it without talking to Griffin first:

A. Hey wait, [Heroís Name]!
a. okay [Exits Conversation]

However if you talk to Griffin it says:

B. You approach the box and it is full.
a. (Look Inside) [Sends to B2]
b. (Back away) [Exits Conversation] (Note Same dialogue is given if clicked again)

B2. (You open the box and find a piece of paper covering something. The paper says)- Dear [Heroís Name]. I have gotten back home safely and I wanted thank you for helping me get the boat and crew I needed. P.S: I hope my gift comes in handy!
a. (Remove Paper) (Sends to B3)
b (Leave the Paper alone) [Exits Conversation]

B3. (You remove the paper and look at the gift.) It is a huge pile of gold. You count it up and it is around 6000 gold.
a. Weird.... (Exits conversation)

The box disappears if you empty of its contents but it doesnít disappear if you donít remove the golf. If you click the box again after you empty it but before you leave the area it says:

C. It is simply a box and it is empty
a. (Leave) [Exits Conversation]

Before Battle 3.A

1. Arman: So thatís one of the cultís temples. It doesnít look that guarded.
Set: Donít jinx our luck Arman, for you know there could be a whole army in there.
(Done) [Exits Conversation]

After Battle 3.A


Before Battle 3.B

1. ?: Who dares to enter this shrine of Yawah?
a. Whoís asking [Sends to 2]

2. It is I, the faithful Asim, head priest of this shrine
a. We are The Peopleís Resistance of Rainville [Sends to 3]
b. You donít need to know [Sends to 5]

3. Asim: I have heard much about you and your fight against us. I do hope you know that you will die trying in the end
a. What is stopping us from trying? [Sends to 4]

4. Myself, of course!
a. [Exits Conversation] [Sends to Battle 3.B]

5. Then I will make you leave this shrine myself!
a. [Exits Conversation] [Sends to Battle 3.B]

After Battle 3.B

1. Alexander: Hey [Heroís Name] I found a cellar want to check it out with me just to see if there are any guards left.
a. Sure why not. [Exits Conversation]

Before (Optional) Battle 3.C

1. (You walk down the stairs and into the cellar. It is a small dark room but in it are around nine treasure chests that are still closed. In the middle of them though is Alexander looking at them in wonder)
Alexander: Hey [Heroís Name], I think with the amount of gold here I could get a ship and crew to get me home!
a. No wait Alexander, I will need this gold. [Sends to 2]
b. Thatís Great Alexander, you can have the gold. [Exits Conversation]

2. But I could get home, can I please have the money!
a. No! [Sends to 3]
b. If you really want. [Exits Conversation]

3. Then Iíll fight you for the Gold!
a. (Defend Yourself) [Sends to Battle 3.C]

If you give him the gold you end up back in the headquarters. Once you leave headquarters and come back you have a letter waiting for you. If you killed him however you end up at head quarters with 1500 more gold. This is the letter

1. (It is a letter and it is addressed to you)
a. (Open It?) [Sends to 2]
b. (Ignore) [Exits Conversation]

2. Dear [Heroís Name], I really thank you for helping me get back to my country. I have sent a convoy of troops to help you in your quest to fight this Cult of yours. They should be down at the dock where I was standing by now. Sincerely, Alexander
a. [Exits Letter]

The letter will remain if untouched and it repeats the same things if clicked again. Once you leave the room it disappears.

Once you go down to the dock you will see a boat docked against the side (you canít go on it and a guard in a blue-gold uniform standing where Alexander was standing.

1. (The man looks at you and asks) Are you [Heroís Name]?
a. Yes, but what do you want with me [Sends to 2]
b. No, I am not [Exits Conversation]

2. We were sent by Alexander to assist you in the fight against the Cult. Do you have a location where we can rest and wait?
a. Yes I do [Sends to 3]

3. [Heroís Name]: There is a small cave in the desert where we have some men recruited. (You show them your map and how to get their).
Guard: We will get arrive as quickly as possible.
a. [Exits Conversation]

The screen flashes and the boat and guard is gone. However if you go back to the cave you can find one guard standing in the bottom-left corner. This also means you get 75 more soldiers to your total soldiers 

1.Guard: Hey Kid, do you know when weíre going to get some action around here!
a. Very Soon! [Exits Conversation]



Azure Orb: It gives the Hero the ability to walk over water and crevices (Hero becomes a flying unit).

Soldiers: Adds 75 soldiers to the playerís ďtotal soldierĒ count.

Gold: Money...


(The Traveller from Traten. He is represented as General Darkeye in the battle but if you fight him he is the Psy Fighter with blonde hair)
Health: 35
Speed: 3
Psp: 20
Affinity: Light
Resistance: None
Attacks: Mind Blast (Cost: 2, Range: 1, Damage: 12), Light Blast (Cost:: 7, Range: 2, Damage:: 14), Crossbow (Cost: 5[It does connect with your mind remember], Range:: 2, Damage:: 12).

(The priest leader that can be found in two of the three battles stories. He looks like a normal Ravinale Acolyte.)
Health: 100
Speed: 3
Psp: 0
Affinity: Light
Resistance: Light
Attacks: Big Shield (Cost: 0, Range: Omi+Self, Heals 17), Light Blast (Cost: 0, Range: 2, Damage: 19), Light Bomb (Cost: 0, Range: 2 squares 3x3, Damage: 17)

Priest Guard:
(These guards are Spearmen with blue sashes over their shoulders)
Health: 60
Speed: 3
PsP: 0
Affinity: None
Resistance: None
Attacks: Impale (Cost: 0, Range 1-2, Damage 15)

High Priest:
(These priests are Ravinale Acolytes with blue sashes over their shoulders)
Health: 45
Speed: 3
Psp: 0
Affinity: Light
Resistance: Light
Big Shield (Cost: 0, Range: omnidirectional+self, Heals 15), Light Blast (Cost: 0, Range: 2, Damage: 13),


(Note: General Darkeye represents Alexander when he is your ally. The Psy Fighter represents Alexander when he is your enemy)

1.A (Kill all enemies, Defend Person)
1.B (Kill all enemies, Defend Person)
1.C (Kill all enemies/Capture Square [The Square where the Spearmen is beside the Priest), Defend Person)
1.D (Kill all enemies/Defeat Boss, Defend Person) {The Spearmen are Priest Guards, The Priest at the back is Asim}
1.E (Kill all enemies) [Enemies Go First]

2.A (Kill all enemies, Defend Person)
2.B (Kill all enemies/Survive 10 Turns, Defend Person)

3.A (Kill all enemies/Capture Square [The Square in front of the middle door), Defend Person){The Spearmen are Priest Guards}
3.B (Kill all enemies/Defeat Boss, Defend Person) {The Spearmen are Priest Guards, The Ravinale Acolytes are High Priests, The Priest at the back is Asim}
3.C (Kill all enemies) [Enemies Go First]

TSoG Wish List / Teammates Affinity
« on: August 15, 2010, 08:17:09 AM »
Why should only our Psy Characters have an affinity? I think that our teamates (Rahel, Arman, Set, Griffin) should have abilities that are toned towards their behaviour. I mean Arman if anything would be Shadow, Rahel would be Cryo, Griffin would be light, and Set would be Pryo. They wouldn't get the blast and area attacks but get an attack like (Shadow Stab, Ice Arrow, Light Slash etc.) to use. They could even get resistance to that preticular affinity. What does everyone think about this idea?

TSoG Wish List / Make A Choice!
« on: July 17, 2010, 02:32:54 PM »
This poll has sponsed from the TSoG ending forum. If you had to use one of your characters you destory something but they would die in the process then which character would you pick and why?

I would pick Rajav the Spearman (would classify under other) because he is just a mix of a fighter and a bowman. Also, when I played TPA2 I didn't really like using the Spearman character.

TSoG Wish List / Solo Battles with a Chosen Character
« on: July 15, 2010, 06:29:49 PM »
You know how you are just Arman and you fight the Ravinville guards at the end of mission 4. Well that made me think. Will their be more battles when you are using just Arman, Griffin, or Rahel by themselves. If so then would everyone like to see custom solo battles included in the Map maker section and more of them throughout the game. 

TSoG Wish List / More than Two Partners
« on: July 08, 2010, 06:21:53 AM »
We all know about the La'man the Red Spriggat and Rajav the Spearman but I was looking at headquaters the other day and I noticed something. Rahel, Set, and Malis all stand over cushions implying that is where characters sit/stand. However their are 3 Cushions empty not 2. Meaning their is a chance for a third extra party member. Do you think that this could be implying the that more characters are to come?

General Discussion / Canada Day!!!
« on: June 30, 2010, 09:04:23 PM »
Happy Canada Day Everyone! This section is deicated to all the Canadians on This forum. Say cheers to 143 years of Canada!!! Use this forum to praise Canada and the likes...

- Lord Canada

Forum Games / (Canada) World Domination 4
« on: June 28, 2010, 05:52:18 PM »
Here is the CWD4. Now I know KZ does this but since he isn't here right now I will take the honors.

You all know the rules. This time we are going with sub-sections of Canada (To raise world awarness). This Time Canada Itself will be the big donor

Alberta: 10
British Columbia: 10
Manitoba: 10
New Brunswick: 10
Newfoundland and Labrador: 10
Northwest Territories: 10
Nova Scotia: 10
Nunavut: 10
Prince Edward Island: 10
Ontario: 10
Quebec: 10
Saskatchewan: 10
Yukon: 10
Canada: 100

And Begin

Politics / 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games
« on: June 28, 2010, 09:44:01 AM »
My Aunt just got the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Games boxed set and I have been watching a bit of it. When I had finished watching the best parts (menís hockey, menís curling, and womenís hockey) I thought, I wonder what the world thought of Vancouver Olympics. So my questions are for you: What did you think of the Vancouver Olympics? What were your favourite parts if at all? Did you enjoy the opening/closing ceremonies? Did you think we (The Canadians) did a good job hosting the games?

Forum Games / Endulge yourself in title-giving
« on: June 28, 2010, 09:35:13 AM »
(S)he's not being racist, (s)he's just asking whether or not people are Canadian.  I for one am, just like Zackirus.

Saying I'm just Canadian is false. I am not only Canadian but I am the Lord of Canada (since no-else takes this spot then it is rightfully mine!)

Forum Games / To Heaven or Hell
« on: April 18, 2010, 09:29:10 PM »
Basically We Start at 100 and we say an action, Whether that action is good or bad it doesn't matter, the next player then decides and explains Whether he thinks that action is good or bad (it can get pretty funny)and Whether that was good or bad; adds or minuses to the total. If we reach 0 we are in Hell, if we reach 200 we are in Heaven. Here is the Start:

Points: 100

Action: I brused my teeth this morning

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