May 7, 2015

Telepath Tactics demo now released!

Attention tactics lovers! If you wanted to give Telepath Tactics a try before picking it up, I have great news for you: there’s now a free demo! Get it here:

Windows   |   Mac   |   Linux*

This demo gives you the first handful of battles and cut scenes from the main campaign, plus a local multiplayer 1-v-1 you can play against the computer on the Little Lava Cave map using 5 of the game’s 23 base character classes.

The full version of Telepath Tactics is $14.99 for Windows, Mac, and Linux direct from the developer; it is also available on Steam and GOG.


*note for Linux users: make sure to get and install AIR first.

Press Kit

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  • Patrick Sunter

    The Mac link is broken as of right now (9 May).

  • Thisguy99

    Love the game, but I’m stuck on version 1.0 and can’t seem to update. The link the game gives me takes me to a 404 page- tried my backer link as well, but that doesn’t work either. Is there a problem? Would love to play with all those bugfixes :-/

  • mercy

    Thank You Craig that you did this game the way you did! The music turned out to be really nice for the battles.

    I found several specific elements in Tactics.. the*:

    – dialogue system along with the font size used

    – camera distance,

    – that ‘action-confirm’ sound effect from Telepath RPG Servants of God

    – a missing key animation sequence for all combatants

    *..that were lacking in adequate execution and I’m glad that I can note
    these shortcomings mentally and not do the same mistakes in my own
    fighting RPG in the making.

  • CraigStern

    Hey Thisguy99–shoot me an email and I’ll try to help you out. 🙂

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  • Data And Philosophy

    I’ve installed Air properly, but I get Error 0 whenever I try to install the game. Any idea what could be causing this?