May 22, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.032 Patch

Hey folks! I just pushed another quick (but important) update:

  • fixed a bug that I accidentally introduced in version 1.031 where the game would not save changes to your characters–or their equipment–in between battles. (For players starting new games, this manifested in the form of Emma being back to level 1 with 0 experience and not having her swords available at the start of the fight with Zash and Red.)
  • new script action: GetCharsDist. Finds the distance in spaces between two named characters, sets the custom value _Dist to that number. Two parameters: the name of the first character, and the name of the second character.
  • new script action: GetCharSpaceDist. Finds the distance in spaces between a named character and a given space on the battlefield, then sets the custom value _Dist to that number. Three parameters: the name of the character, the space’s y coordinate, and the space’s x coordinate.
  • added a script to the training battle with Emma and Silithis so that if the _Dist between them is 1, it skips the instruction “To attack, move Emma right next to Silithis.”
  • added documentation of all the new array script actions to the manual.

Sorry for making you update again so soon! Now, it’s back to work on performance improvements and Mac compatibility stuff.

  • Little The

    Can we submit bugs here?

    On my Windows 7 laptop, doors will sometimes fail to appear. They’ll still function the same, but there won’t be any graphic there, so it looks like an open space.

    Also, when infiltrating the bandit’s prison, my game hangs after Emma opens the first door.

  • Little The

    Another one: The upper right set of doors in the Coria Dogs hideout have an issue. The rightmost one has an elevation of 0, so it’s impassable even when open.

    The inventory is also acting very strange. Equipment says it’s equipped when it’s not and vice versa, and I seem to lose items periodically, possibly when losing and restarting? I’ve lost the lockpicks, a psy orb, and most of the focus pills from the five guardians battle, possibly some other stuff too.