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Developer's Log

Started by CraigStern, February 11, 2013, 07:19:44 PM

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--the mysterious hooded lissit from the intro now has a walk animation :)


--fixed a bug that was causing the game to freeze upon player character death monologue occurring during the enemy's turn.

--fixed a bug that was causing glitches when killing "Bloodbeard's Pyrokineticist" characters.

--fixed a bug where equipped items would not unequip when given to other characters.

--fixed a bug where unequipping Runner's Cleats would fail to remove the speed bonus.

--fixed the battle objectives in Guard Llama so you know that you need to keep Lorenzo alive.

I've updated the installers online!


--Pathos now has her own walk animation! ;)

--And now so does Tarion!


--I'm now adding support for multiple army rosters to the game, so we can have multiple different persistent armies each going through their own separate battles and scenarios within the same campaign. To this end, I've made a few adjustments to the game's code concerning army rosters:

     --new optional attribute for the NewRoster, RemoveFromRoster and AddToRoster tags within cut scenes: num.
     This is an integer telling the game which roster to add the characters to or remove them from. (By default, all changes are made to roster 0.)

     --new optional parameter for the RecruitChar and DismissChar script actions; an integer telling the game which roster
     to add the characters to or remove them from. (If this parameter is not employed, all changes will be made to roster 0 by default.)

I've had to muck around under the hood a fair bit to add this feature, so I'll need to test it out over the next few days before I'll be confident that everything is working properly.


--still working on implementing support for multiple single player army rosters. To that end:

     --new condition: Roster Number. This changes the roster the game pulls characters from for Army 0.
     By default, Roster Number is 0, but it can be changed to any number to which you've added characters
     using <NewRoster>, <AddToRoster>, or RecruitChar.

--wrote up several new playable characters: Teresa Dayo, Lord Dakarai, and Edwin Gabbergast.


--the game now recognizes special characters in Conditions parameters! This mostly just means that you can use -VAL:-, R[], and -STR:-.

(NOTE: There aren't any triggering characters with Conditions, so -NAME-, -FNAME-, -LNAME-, -Y- and -X- won't get you anywhere--and since characters don't spawn until Conditions have been parsed and applied, you won't get anywhere using -STAT:- either.)


Phew! It took some work, but I now seem to have gotten the game playing nice with multiple rosters, at least at the most basic level with the <NewRoster> tag.

This will create two separate army rosters--roster 0 consisting of Emma Strider and Sabrina Strider, and roster 1 consisting of Silithis Predat and Siripent:

<NewRoster Num="1">Silithis/Predat,Siripent/</NewRoster>

Then, using this condition in a battle...

Roster Number,1

...will tell the game to populate Army 0's FromPlayerRoster spawns from Roster 1 instead of Roster 0! That sounds really basic now that I'm typing it out, but you guys: that took me hours of wrangling with the engine to make work properly. I hope you all appreciate it! ;)


--fixed a couple of bugs with the R[] special character. It now works in static cut scenes, and now always produces numbers within the correct range.


Fun fact: you can now use Conditions like Roster Number,R[0-1] to have the game randomly select from one of multiple army rosters for the player to use for a battle. I know, because I just tested it. :D


--got RecruitChar and DismissChar working properly with multiple army rosters! :)


--fixed a bug that was causing the game to freeze whenever AI-controlled characters equip items

--fixed a bug where the common inventory would not update upon equipping or unequipping items from characters

--created a new character, Harriet Lansing the spearman!

--made a few edits to existing character stats for balance purposes

I've updated the game installers online. ;)


--made it so Lakshmi Bana starts with the Bayonet attack, thus making her more useful right out of the gate.

--the detailed character screen now lists up to 15 items in a character's inventory! (Previously, it had capped out at a mere 4.)

--created two new lizardman characters, both of whom will be playable under Silithis's command in an upcoming subplot! :)

--fixed a bug wherein the game would fail to show character portraits for characters in Violet-colored armies.

--fixed a bug wherein you could get the actions menu to show up during deployment mode by right-clicking an enemy and then closing the detailed character screen.


--fixed a bug that was causing the RecruitChar action to freeze the game when used in a static cut scene (most notably when meeting Anu Partymember in the Guard Llama campaign).

--changed the wording on the victory screen to make it sound less weird when used with a plural army name; it now reads "Victory Belongs to So-and-So!" instead of "So-and-So has won!"

Due to the seriousness of the first bug, I've updated the installers online again. Note that if you're updating from a version from before 0.455.467, you'll need to uninstall the game entirely and delete the Telepath Tactics folder, then install the game anew. (Your saved game should be safe.) The reasons are explained here.


--new script action: MoveCharBy. It's just like MoveChar, except that it moves the character relative to its current position instead of moving it to a set of specific coordinates.

Instead of having Y Coordinate and X Coordinate parameters, it has Move By Y and Move By X. A negative value for Move By Y signifies upward movement; positive signifies downward. A negative value for Move By X signifies leftward movement; positive signifies rightward.

For example: MoveCharBy     Emma Strider,-3,-1 will cause her to move three spaces up and one space left.

--made progress on a couple of cut scenes.

--fixed a bug where the game would not apply the Space Bonus condition properly.

--fixed a bug where the dialog editor's action parameter fields would not accept apostrophes.


--when you're panning around the map and you mouse over the Actions Menu, it now immediately concludes map panning instead of bugging out as soon as you mouse back onto the map.

--fixed a map editor bug with objects and characters edited using the Edit Character and Edit Object functionality.

--fixed eyedropper functionality for objects and characters in the map editor.

--right-clicking a character tile when in Edit Character mode or Edit Object mode will now "eyedrop" that character or object for painting with the left mouse button. (Previously, this only worked when in Place or Delete Character / Object modes.)

--surrendering in the tutorial is no longer possible.