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Developer's Log

Started by CraigStern, February 11, 2013, 07:19:44 PM

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--new SetStat stat type supported: Class. This lets you change a character's class name.


--updated the manual with documentation on the ID tag and the usage of the ID[] special character, as well as better directions on size and placement limitations for new character sprites

--fixed a map editor bug where the map editor would not spawn the new object or new character menu if it did not detect the User Campaigns directory. Now if the map editor doesn't detect the User Campaigns directory, it simply creates it.

--created a graphic showing the current state of promoted unit graphics (see below)


--updated the map editor with the capability to add triggers, tags, and inventories when placing objects and characters! ;)

--you can now edit a character's default portrait using SetStat.

--updated documentation on dialog replies and reply types within the manual.

The map editor installers and manual have been updated online.


--big map editor update: the "Edit Character" function finally works! When in Edit Character mode, you can left-click any character on the map to open a window where you can edit everything from the character's class to its map coordinates to its tags and inventory.

I still need to pretty it up a bit, but it's working, and that's what counts! I should have the map editor updated with it shortly. You can see how the Edit Character window looks right now in the screenshot below. ;)


--I've cleaned up the edit character window and made it load the default portrait of whatever character is being edited ;)

Oh, also, the map editor installer has been updated online!


--you can now edit objects in the same way as characters in the map editor! (It loads the object's image in lieu of a character portrait.)

--assigned hotkeys to Character Editing (Shift + C) and Object Editing (Shift + B) modes in the map editor.

--fixed a bug where the map editor would sometimes not highlight the button showing what editing mode it is in.


--fixed a few more map editor bugs

I've updated the map editor installers again. Go ahead and update!


--added tutorial hints about recruiting enemies to the boss battle with Gunther.

--made adjustments to the caravan battle to make Lakshmi easier to save.

--fixed a nasty little map editor bug that snuck into the last build which prevented one from placing new characters on the map.

--bug fix: the game now lets you shove characters into spaces where there are item sacks; item sacks no longer keep a character from being considered "swimming" when in water or lava.

--bug fix: the game no longer freezes at the end of battles where it auto-loots items that are auto-used (i.e. money).

--renamed Arched Shot to Arced Shot.

I've updated the map editor installer online.


--created a short tutorial within the merchant dialog screen to help new players figure out how to manage their items and figure out what to buy

--it turns out that the game needed to provide more of a breather after the first big boss battle, and so I decided to throw in some character development at that point. To that end, I've written up six short conversations with recruitable characters for that the player can engage in while at camp. I have a few more to write, then I'll be adding them into the game! ;)


--I've created a variant on the Throwing Axes weapon, Gold-tipped Throwing Axes. They deal more damage and have +10 accuracy, but are much more expensive than the usual kind. For those special occasions where you really need Madeleine to hit--and hit hard--from two spaces away. ;)


--I now have optional campground conversations with Sabrina, Gavrielle, Farasat, Louise, Madeleine, Scarlet and Lakshmi written up. I need to write two more: one with Zimmer, and one with Meridian. The conversations with Sabrina, Gavrielle, Farasat, and Louise are in-game; I'm adding the others as we speak!


--put instructions for viewing individual character inventories within the common inventory

--created new item, the Novice Battle Primer. This book can be used once in battle to give the reader 50 experience points (100 experience points if the reader is level 4 or lower). Created Intermediate and Expert Battle Primers as well; created a new Yellow Book graphic for the intermediate primer.


--I now have optional conversations with all characters except for Zimmer Thrawn, Meridian, and Rebecca Flare in-game.

--New script action: RemoveReply. This allows you to selectively remove a reply option from a specified branch of dialog. Two parameters: Reply Text and Branch Number. Why RemoveReply? Basically, this permits you to vary the available replies dynamically instead of having to create a variant branch for each single possible combination of replies. (Needless to say, I am making heavy use of this new action in the camp scene where you can select which of your recruited characters to talk to.)

One thing to note about RemoveReply: it uses a double-colon (that is, ::) to delimit its parameters instead of commas. This is so because commas are likely to appear in reply text; if this action used a comma delimiter on a reply with commas in it, it would fail to work.

RemoveReply     Want to buy my sword?::12

will look for the reply in branch 12 of the current conversation using the text "Want to buy my sword?" If it finds this reply in branch 12, it will remove it from that branch.


--atkAffects can now affect Accuracy.

--added a new, optional seventh parameter to SpawnChar: tags. Delimit each tag with a double colon, and set off the Add/Remove, tag name, and tag parameters within each tag with single colons. Like so:

SpawnChar     1,Bandit:Swordsman,3,5,Down,,Add:Passive::Add:LevelUp:2

This will spawn a level 3 Bandit Swordsman with Passive AI.

--twenty new tags! No seriously: Health, Energy, Max Health, Max Energy, Speed, Dodge, Strength, Perception, Psy Power, Psy Defense, Pierce Res., Slash Res., Crush Res., Mental Res., Heat Res., Cold Res., Light Res., Shadow Res., Poison Res., and Accuracy are now available tags. Each of these tags has a single parameter: a positive or negative integer value to be quietly added to the tagged character's corresponding stat as soon as the character spawns.

These will allow you to adjust the stats of individual instances of generic enemies and destructible objects within a given battle.


--fixed a bug where SpawnChar was causing characters with a sex attribute of Either to spawn invisible.