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Developer's Log

Started by CraigStern, February 11, 2013, 07:19:44 PM

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--finished new flashback cut scene

--did more work on the optional, procedurally generated crypt mission


--recoded the attack damage algorithm so that both predicted damage and actual, final attack damage use the exact same code to eliminate discrepancies

--added the Iron lance to Goniff Bastid's selection the second time you meet him

--updated Zimmer Thrawn's starting stats to bring him more in line with Gavrielle

--fixed a typo in the stores that listed the Iron Helm's price as 110 aura instead of 90


--got a debuff attack effect animation from Tyvon Thomas

--got mace attack animations for the male and female Drake


--assigned the new debuff effect to Drain and Gravity Spike animations

--created 79 snow-dirt-chasm transition tiles

--updated the Settings menu with a new background image


--further expanded the snow chasm portion of the Snow tileset

--created Mechanic units for use in late-game battles

--created a rough draft of the battle at the entrance to the vibra mines!


--finally got a visual attack effect for the grapple pull attack! It's now been added to the game. :D


--fixed a ridiculous oversight in which Teresa and Phebe weren't getting recruited into your party at the moment they should

--tweaked Scarlet Etoile's level progression so she learns Charge at level 8


--fixed some problems with the OnStat dialog trigger (and with the promotion scripts) that were preventing characters from promoting properly upon reaching level 20. Promotions now once again work as advertised! ;)

--fixed the ChangeCharClass script action; it now changes the character's sprite properly. I also swapped the position of the second and third parameters; class name now comes second, and sprite name third.

--added descriptions for the bonuses characters get upon promotion.

--added Accuracy to the detailed character stats screen.


--got Axe and Pull animations for the Marauder!


--new cut scene background; the galleon!


--fixed two bugs that would occur when snare traps were triggered atop bridge tiles (the game would remove the bridge tile along with the snare trap, and would then freeze to boot)

--received shove animations for the marauder!


--improved the function for determining to-hit percentages so that it takes account of more situations where accuracy is automatically 100% (when the attack is Mental, Shield, or Move element; or when the attack targets someone on the same team).


--I've been working on overhauling the remaining placeholder UI. The New Campaign, Local Match, and Settings menus all have backgrounds now. Also, campaigns now load their own unique header images when you select them from the list. The menus are not done--I still have make the fonts the same colors with the same drop shadows, for instance--but they're getting there bit by bit.


--added an option to the inventory screen to have the game spell out an item's race, class, and level requirements on demand


--fixed a particularly odd bug in which pushing a character down a bridge that just so happens to be on top of a cliff face would cause the character to "fall" across the bridge as if he were falling down the side of the cliff beneath it