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Fresh install, Adobe Air error...

Started by Saelve, June 08, 2015, 08:54:53 PM

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I just reinstalled Telepath Tactics, and get an adobe air error. I installed the newest Air, but that didn't do anything. I attached the error.

Some help plz.


Edition: As of today, there are multiple people on the Steam forums with the same issue. After the newest patch, something happened with our games. Devs, can we get a helping click?  ;)


I'm going to confirm this bug.  After updating to the latest version of Telepath Tactics on Steam, my installation has completely broken.  Deleting the directory and reinstalling does nothing beyond install the latest update (which was about 17.4 MB).  Attempting to launch the game through Steam results in the error given by Saelve above.


Hm, that's weird. I'll try rebuilding the game and see if it helps!


Issue resolved, on the Steam front anyway.


Excellent. Marking this resolved. :)