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A new engine!

Started by CraigStern, June 05, 2016, 05:39:11 PM

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-- characters shoved into water now appear partially submerged (but flying characters that move over water do not).

-- organized 3D objects, enforced consistent naming on files, created "open" variants for all doors and gates.

-- created a new look for movement tiles to make the distinction between spaces clearer.


-- began work on the map editor! Created 7 of the UI buttons, new map window; the editor now lets you generate a blank map of whatever dimensions you choose.


-- there are now buttons for adding and deleting objects, as well as raising and lowering elevation.

-- clicking the Paint button now enters "paint mode"; clicking and dragging across tiles in paint mode changes them to the currently selected tile type.

-- clicking the Elevation buttons now enters "elevation mode"; clicking and dragging across tiles in this mode raises or lowers them (depending on which elevation button you selected).

-- implemented camera controls; you can now move around the map in the map editor using WASD or arrow keys.

-- fixed an issue in which moving the camera via the keyboard would simultaneously cycle through the UI buttons at the top of the screen.


-- you now select a terrain type from a palette when you enter paint mode; the map editor now paints the default tile for whatever tile type you selected for as long as you remain in paint mode.


-- created a little space previewer window that shows up when mousing over spaces in elevation mode, so you always know what elevation your terrain is at.

-- there is now an algorithm that checks every space on the map and fills in sheer cliffs below the tile on that space if there is any empty space visible below it!


-- created a new button icon for the "fill cliffs" button in the map editor.

-- painting terrain in Elevation- mode will automatically delete all existing cliff fills so that you can't drop existing terrain into a cliff chunk below it.


Gave more artist feedback.

-- created all the 3D land-lava transition tiles!

-- created a camera collider and level boundary colliders that resize and reposition themselves to frames the outside of the level, then rigged things up so that they can only collide with one another. (Eventually, this will be the basis for a system that keeps the camera from moving outside the level.)


-- designed a new human nose shape. (This makes 10 human nose shapes in total.)

-- began building the shop interface.


-- more progress on the shop interface! The game now displays the shopkeeper in the bottom-left; generates a selection of weapons, armor, miscellaneous equipment, and consumables; and lets you browse, switching between those four categories with tabs.


-- updated PremadeUnits.xml with the correct names and subfolders for all 3D destructible objects. The game now successfully loads 3D destructible objects when they are used on a map.

-- adjusted the positioning of 2D sprite objects to better align with 3D terrain.

-- procured an artist to create a bunch of new types of destructible vegetation for use in outdoor maps; received miscellaneous bushes, ferns, and flowers today.

-- fixed an issue where the camera collider was interfering with mouse listeners in battle.


-- fixed various placement behaviors to get 3D bridges, 3D terrain, and move tiles all aligning properly with one another while retaining the correct elevation data for purposes of character movement and attacking.

-- improved the look of item graphics in the shop.

-- added a little bouncing arrow to the shop interface that helps you keep track of which category of items you're browsing.


-- received new castle floor, wood floor, and cobblestone street assets. Imported them into the game; created directional variants of all castle terrain transitions.

-- hired an artist to create generic, non-generated unit portraits.

-- hired an artist to fill out the weapon graphics so that every single weapon has visibly different looks for bronze, iron, steel, and duoterre variants.


-- created directional variants of all street terrain transitions.

-- received new terrain transitions; imported them into the game.


-- wrote a few more variations for the Tell Story nighttime action.

-- filled in all the individualized XML data for the castle, wood, and street terrain tiles.

-- created directional variants of all wood floor terrain transitions.

-- created all the 3D water and lava transition tiles for the new cliffside street terrain assets.


Today's dev time was devoted to giving artist feedback. :)