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A new engine!

Started by CraigStern, June 05, 2016, 05:39:11 PM

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-- took the near-sighted physical trait out of the game; giving characters an inherent miss chance (even just a few of them) detracted from the game too much, making those characters markedly less enjoyable to use.


-- enemies in water or lava now find the closest square of land and swim towards it during an AI-controlled player's turn.

-- cleaned up the timing of numerous start-of-turn events so as to accommodate the "new turn box" showing up beforehand.

-- fixed a bug in which the enemy turn wouldn't proceed sometimes if it tried to rotate a character who was not able to rotate (e.g. a character who had spent its turn swimming).

-- fixed a bug in the multi-turn movement path generation algorithm in the AI.

-- fixed a bug in which move tiles spawned by the AI for movement initiation purposes stuck around the battlefield.


-- the AI now completely disregards non-allied characters with the Hidden status.

Resumed work on the reserve inventory screen today!

-- you can now click the portrait of a character in the current roster to inspect their individual inventory.

-- you can now click individual items in character inventories and have them drop those items into the reserve inventory.

-- you can now close the reserve inventory by clicking in any "blank" space on the inventory menu; when you do, it saves your changes to the common inventory and to the inventories of the individual characters.

-- fixed a few bugs in the reserve inventory item boxes that were preventing them from loading properly.


-- created a "yes/no?" pop-up window to use throughout the UI.

-- you can now give items from reserve supplies to particular characters. I ditched the click-and-drag system from original TT--here, instead, you'll click the item, click the Give button, and then click the character you want to give it to. (Unless that character's inventory window is already open, in which case it'll automatically give them the item when you click the Give button.) It's very straightforward this time around, and consistent with how items are given outside the reserve inventory screen.

-- you can now permanently drop items from reserve supplies. (You'll get a pop-up window to confirm first, though.)

-- spent a lot of time getting the UI behaving appropriately in unintended cases (that is, it won't freak out or crash the game if players just click around everywhere instead of following the intended flow).


-- created a new, 9th nose type for human generated characters.

-- added Sort functionality to the reserve inventory screen. You can now use the sort button to sort your reserve supplies, cycling through a series of modes in which it shows consumables first; weapons first; armor first; and miscellaneous items first.


-- the reserve supplies screen now supports an unlimited number of pages of items (displaying 48 items max per page).

-- there are now Next and Previous buttons to let you flip between pages of items when there are more than 48 items in your reserve supplies.


-- worked on character background dialogues some more.

-- fixed a handful of issues regarding the formatting and behavior of pop-up item tooltips, particularly in the reserve supplies screen.

-- fixed a bug that would cause certain weapons to generate with unlimited durability.


-- characters can now equip and unequip items within the reserve supplies screen.

-- repositioned item option buttons (and tooltips on item option buttons) within the reserve supply screen to avoid situations where some or all of them would not be visible.

-- implemented the EndBattle/WinBattle and LoseBattle actions, permitting custom victory and loss conditions.


-- fixed timing issues relating to the new turn box, OnTurn/OnLoaded dialogue, and/or the victory screen overlapping one another under certain conditions.


-- received the first set of new 3D terrain to replace the old 2D tiles! (Tilesets: grass, dirt, snow, and sand.) Got them in-engine; now creating directional variations and organizing them into appropriate folders.


Had to get revisions on the 3D terrain to better demaracate the nature of transition spaces. Re-creating directional variations now. Also contracted out 3D floor tiles and cobblestone street tiles.


-- finished creating directional variants for all basic 3D land terrain (grass, dirt, snow, and sand)

-- finished creating water shoreline transitions for all dirt tiles.


-- finished creating water shoreline transitions for all grass tiles, sand tiles, and snow tiles.

-- finished creating XML "tile" data for all existing 3D terrain assets.

-- adjusted the tile loading system so the game loads the 3D terrain assets now instead of 2D tiles.


-- obtained a new triplanar shader to implement seamless tiling textures across 3D objects. (The old one was causing an annoying visual glitch.)

-- created a couple of objects that are simply clumps of grass with wildflowers, to add some variety to stretches of grass in maps. (This role was previously occupied by the grass tile in the 2D tilesets.)


-- basic 3D terrain is now implemented! :)