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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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-- coded battle background functionality into the game. Unlike cut scene backgrounds, these are paintings that lay flush with the level geometry, surrounding the battlefield on all sides, and pan around when you pan the game camera. These are designed to much more directly represent the environs surrounding the battlefield.

-- added a rough draft arena battle background into the game's arena battles.


-- made it so the player can hold one-on-ones even after events.

-- fixed: you could get the mustebeast event more than once.

-- fixed: the internal stat tracking system has a typo that was causing "key not found in dictionary" errors.

-- fixed: the lighting on lit tent objects was out of whack.

-- fixed: the thief attack battle did not have music.

-- fixed: the second wave of enemies in the thief attack battle did not target the player's tents readily enough.


Updated the website with a new version of PHP (plus updated the forums to version 2.1.3 after discovering that they wouldn't work with PHP 8.0). Now that the forums are working again, I can get back to posting about development progress. :)

-- got up to a full 70 achievements implemented!

-- started sourcing art for the achievement icons, gonna take a while. 😅 (I currently have art for 24 of the achievements.)


-- made it up to 67 achievements with art now!


-- added a 71st achievement.

-- finished adding art for all achievements.

-- TiB now creates a custom Classes.xml file in all custom campaigns for easy access to class editing.

-- fixed: you could select the calendar and army overview buttons with the gamepad when in cut scenes even if those buttons were not visible.

-- fixed: calling up the main menu in battle during dialogue and exiting would cause the game not to restore gamepad focus to the dialogue window.


- turned off the ability to access the battle menu via gamepad when the new turn box is open, when the game is actively changing scenes, or when an AI turn is taking place.

- the game now supports looping pixel art  animations for destructible objects!

- received an animated Fire sprite, integrated it into the game as the new Fire destructible object. Walking into fire causes 15 heat damage; attacking fire from melee causes the attacker to receive a 10-damage Burn "attack."

- received the last of the golem Stomp animations (for the Titan class), integrated it into the game.

- finished integrating royal guard animations into the game.


Gave a lot of artist feedback on the last few graphical assets I need for the EA release. In addition:

- battle backgrounds can now be scaled dynamically on a battle-by-battle basis.

- received portrait for the Staff Fighter, integrated it into the game.

- created a rough draft of parameters for proc gen Gharial League battles.


- Fire now deals ongoing environmental damage each turn a unit stands in it.

- the AI now recognizes Fire as an environmental hazard it can shove enemy units into.

- the AI now recognizes that flying enemies won't take environmental damage from being shoved onto terrain that flyers can naturally pass over (like water, lava, or chasms).

- the AI now accounts for environmental damage when evaluating the danger of ending its move on a space.

- fixed: characters being created from premade unit templates would have their tags applied twice.


- upon finishing deployment in a map with fog of war, the game now reveals tiles for the newly deployed characters automatically without you having to move them.

- fixed: the AI would not complete the turn of a character who wandered into a pressure trigger but didn't end up stunned or otherwise unable to act.

- fixed: using the B button to exit the main menu after opening it during dialogue would result in the dialogue box not regaining focus.


- the AddCondition script action now supports the Set Army Alliance condition.

- improved the Thieves arena battle condition.

- fixed: in some situations, it was possible for the AI to lock up at the start of its turn when BeforeTurn dialogue spawned.

- fixed: it was possible for a character to independently choose the Clean camp activity even if another character was already assigned to clean via a One-on-one.

- fixed: destructible objects in proc gen maps were being created with a blank facing instead of a facing of "None", which in turn would interact with the game's logic in such a way that attacks from assassins against them would be counted as sidestabs.


More artist feedback.

- wrote a new event in which an enthusiastic fan shows up to praise one of your characters.

- received Kalkerapur city battle background; incorporated it into the game.

- received unique Trainer portrait; incorporated it into the game.

- players can no longer name a spirit using the same name possessed by another character.

- new stat supported by UnitsToList: Health Left. This automatically calculates the character's current health by deducting Damage from Health.

- new stat supported by UnitsToList: Energy Left. This automatically calculates the character's current energy by deducting Drain from Energy.

- fixed: a typo meant that the game would consider characters with a wound level of 1 or greater available for nighttime events or training.

- fixed: characters with a health of zero but no wound level (because of playing on Relaxed difficulty) were deemed available for nighttime events or training by the game.


- finished up the enthusiastic fan event.

- moods may now block characters from engaging in the partnered versions of their chosen camp activities (or as partners for other characters' chosen activities).

- new mood supported in the game: EnviousOf.

- new camp activity: Envy. A character spends the evening stewing over feelings of envy for another character.


- received final sprites for new destructible objects Thorn Vines, Ice Spikes, and Sandbox Tree.

- created new destructible objects Thorn Vines, Ice Spikes, and Explosive Tree.


- added a small cut scene with a message for when the player has reached the end of the playable content in Together in Battle.

- the player is now directed to that scene after the cut scene where they are scheduled for the Snow Leopard League qualifier.

- increased the damage dealt by opponents in the initial qualifier in Challenging and Brutal difficulties so it's a tiny bit more of a challenge.

- fixed: the game would lock up when attempting to start a new game while not connected to Steam.


- on the highest AI settings, the game now accounts for collision damage it can cause via knockback skills (i.e. smashing characters into walls, objects, or each other).

- shuffled the AIHandicap values around a bit. They are now 0: full intelligence. 1: disregards space safety. 2: disregards backstab. 3: disregards lethal hits. 4: disregards knockback. 5: disregards attack effectiveness. 6: doesn't rotate to avoid backstabs. 7: doesn't prioritize healers or 'Protect Char' units. 8: actively avoids backstabbing. 9: disregards counterattacks and on-death attacks from enemies.

- Challenging difficulty now has an AI handicap of 3 instead of 5.

- the game AI no longer treats skill scripts as rendering a skill inherently useful even the skill does no damage and imparts no status effects. (This keeps the AI from constantly using Trade and Twirl when it has no better moves.)

- wrote new background dialogue for gambler characters.

- fixed: the in-game calendar UI was not scaling properly for 16:10 display resolutions.

- fixed: space selector appeared in the top-left of the map, not aligned to any space, prior to the start of turn 0 in battle.

- fixed: victory fanfare could sometimes start playing before the appearance of the victory box at the end of battle.

- fixed: the game still displayed -0 damage popups for skills that don't normally deal damage when those skills were used by the AI.

- fixed: one of the dialogue branches in plot event 2 was missing a Babble script action.

- fixed a scripting error where giving characters more than one day of vacation would still result in them returning the following evening.

- fixed: the game was generating golem characters without assigning them the golem babble sound set.