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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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- added gamepad support for the calendar screen.

- physical attributes can now be excluded by certain life skills and/or can require certain life skills.

- fixed: it was possible for characters with the Skinny trait to be generated with a life skill of Athlete, rendering them both Muscular and Skinny at once and canceling out the two traits. Same with Bad Joints dancers and Aquaphobic sailors. This can no longer happen.

- fixed: it was possible to force availability of the Hold a Gathering evening activity even after going through a time-consuming random evening in camp by choosing Hold a One-on-One and then canceling out of it.

- fixed a couple of scripting errors in the Strikebreaking map.

- fixed some issues with gamepad support for the recruitment interface.

- fixed an inconsistency in the code that was causing flying characters spawning on spaces with a fly-only object to spawn one elevation level lower than intended.

- fixed a bug in which incomplete fading out of dialogue babble sounds would cause subsequent sound effects played in the same channel to play at the wrong volume.


Did a bunch of marketing work, emailing content creators and lining up coverage for the launch! Also, fixed a couple of bugs:

- fixed: the game could generate characters with the class Hero in recruitment.

- fixed: upon changing scenes in the middle of a fade-out of music or a sound loop, if the scene transition finished before the fade-out did, the game would reset that sound's volume to the default and prevent the fade-out from finishing.


More work prepping the game for release; fixed some issues relating to the Steam store page and captured footage for the early access release trailer.

- fixed: the food and money icons were sometimes not appearing in the info bar.

- fixed a typo in the character background data that was causing the game to treat Adelbrae as a village in Dese instead of Skolika.


- fixed a range error in the SoundManager class that could occur when logging a completed sound channel fade-out.

- fixed:a range error could occur when the game determined free-rein evening activities for characters in camp after sending a character off to buy an item on sale as part of a random event.


- wrote new variations for the narcissistic Volunteer camp activity.

- assassins now all learn Leap between levels 2 and 4 (instead of between levels 2 and 6, as it was previously).

- fixed: it was possible to undo after using Swim.

- fixed: dynamic palette-swapping during battle (e.g. when characters switch army allegiances) had gotten broken.


- fixed: Battle at the Overgrown Garden and Battle at the Dry Mounds were showing the arena cut scene background instead of the arena battle background.


- wrote new Heal bark variants.

- fixed: the game was including all units on targeted spaces (including objects) as secondary characters for purposes of Heal and Attack barks, which could lead to situations where the character saying the bark could address the inanimate object by name (e.g. telling "Reeds" that they were going to be healed).

- fixed: the -NAME- and -CHAR2- special characters would remain unchanged if the target unit had no name. These now display its class name in that circumstance.

- fixed: the game was not fully dropping flying characters into water or lava when afflicted with the Heavy status effect.

- fixed: the game was not fully dropping levitating, land-based characters into water or lava when the Levitating status effect ended.


- slowed down the battlefield cursor when playing in gamepad mode.

- improved the gamepad attack-tile selection behavior so it now "snaps" to the closest attack tile based on the direction you pressed instead of just cycling through the attack tiles in an arbitrary order.


- fixed an error in the game's method of determining whether attacks hit against targets with Dodge when made by characters with Accuracy above 100. The game had been giving characters with Dodge an inappropriately high chance of dodging relative to the attacker's accuracy.

- fixed: attacks against procedurally generated destructible objects could trigger a null error.


- reduced aggression coefficient for the Greedy AI profile.

- fixed a typo in one of the thief dialogue variations for league 1 and 2 battles.

- fixed: due to a scripting mistake, auto-looting of money sacks (e.g. at the end of the Thief Attack battle) was producing a null error caused by inability to parse the current army number.

- fixed: music cross-fading was not reliably playing tracks at the correct volume.

- fixed: arena manager was giving dialogue about being able to sign up for the Monkey League qualifier even after the player was already scheduled for said qualifier.

- increased the payout for winning arena matches.

- added some explanation of the exponential pricing for stat training to the trainer.


- wrote some new Arena Manager dialogue.

- the team now gains 2 morale upon beating a league qualifier fight.

- decreased the cost of bonuses from 100 aura per morale point to 75 aura per morale point.

- fixed: the game would throw a null error trying to store achievement stats if not connected to Steam.

- fixed: Arena manager dialogue wasn't quite matching up during the day or two after scheduling the Monkey League qualifier.


- increased the range of item rarities that may drop in Monkey League and Gharial League.

- chests may now drop money in addition to regular items.

- reduced the cost of training most stats, but the trainer now has a hard limit on how high she can train a character's dodge. (If a character has a dodge greater than 60, she won't be able to train it higher.)

- prettied up the scripting on the Letter event.

- early evening random events can no longer trigger on payday.

- fixed: the game was awarding victory spoils twice!

- fixed a scripting issue with alternate narration for the Sick event.

- fixed: the game was cutting off music abruptly upon selecting the Thief Attack event rather than fading it out.

- fixed: it was still possible for AI spearmen to use Trade all the time.

- fixed: the game could spawn enemies on top of traps when generating an arena fight.

- fixed: when failing to make payroll, the first regular evening activity was showing first before the group reaction to going unpaid.


- fixed: the game was re-adding dismissed characters (and those who quit on their own) upon return to camp each evening due to a scripting issue.


- expanded the varieties of consumables you can find in the shop.

- expanded the varieties of accessories you can find in the shop.

- lowered the cost of Hold from 6 to 5.

- fixed a few typos in the dialogue to recruit an enemy in the Monkey League Qualifier (including one which caused the higher salary offer to remain at the same level as the first one).

- fixed: Unity's built-in lighting system would screw up when too many lights were casting on the same object (typically in maps with lava tiles).

- fixed: a typo in the game's tile data meant that the game couldn't find tiles surrounded on three diagonal corners by cave tiles and would simply leave a hole in maps where such tiles appeared.


Released Together in Battle to early access!

- further increased the monetary rewards for beating the league qualifiers.

- increased the monetary rewards for beating the last battles in Gundhi Bug League.

- reduced salary costs somewhat for Challenging and Brutal difficulties.

- reduced item costs somewhat for Brutal difficulty.

- beating the tournament qualifier now gives the player 200 aura.

- toned down the potential added enemy types for the second battle on Brutal difficulty.

- fixed: the Sick Parents event would freeze if a character who was raised by both grandparents was chosen for the event.