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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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- created a tutorial pop-up a week before the first payday which assesses the player's financial position and offers guidance based on how far off from making payroll they are. (Players with payroll costs greater than 3000 aura will be warned that their team is expensive for this point in the game, and will be notified that they might want to dismiss a character to stabilize their finances.)

- added "click to continue" text to the camp activity narration interface.

- fixed: frame alignment on the Sword animation for Swordmasters and Blade Dancers was erratic.


- began work on proc gen item localization. Proc gen item materials (e.g. leather, bronze, iron) now support localization.

- set up item tooltip text for localization.


- proc gen item attributes are now moddable!

- proc gen item attributes now support localization.

- reduced the base levels of enemies in the arena leagues a bit.

- reduced base character salaries in Challenging and Brutal difficulties.

- the league qualifier matches now give more money.

- gatherings now increase group morale by 3, a 50% bump in efficacy.

- failure to clean camp on a night when it's clean no longer guarantees that the camp will become dirty--there is now a 1-in-2 chance that everyone will have simply picked up after themselves, leaving the camp clean regardless.

- fixed: self-focus skills (such as Soul Suck and Transfer) were inappropriately affecting maximum energy, not just current energy. This was caused by changes in the code allowing for rollover damage from sending a character into negative energy.


- new daytime option in Kalkerapur: Infirmary! This lets you spend a time unit (and some money) to drop characters off at the infirmary, where they will receive treatment for their wounds. This will accelerate recovery times and--if playing on Challenging difficulty--guarantee a successful recovery for characters who are at risk of dying.

- the arena championship match now gives much more money.

- it is now cheaper to train a character's Health and Energy.

- wrote a few new Heal combat bark variations.

- added a few new attributes for proc gen equipment.

- fixed: the player's team name was not appearing in the new turn box for the Treasure Thicket battle.

- fixed: the Idol's health was not scaled appropriately for Defend the Idol maps in Snow Leopard League or Tiger League.

- fixed: the spirit's portrait could disappear after naming in the Apparition 2 event.

- fixed a range error occurring when triggering dialogue in the Battle with Bandits 1 event.

- fixed: auto-looting was not turned on for either of the bandit battle events.

- fixed: healers would sometimes say their heal bark even when only healing themselves.

- fixed: when right-clicking a space with both an object and an item sack, the game would show the object's character screen rather than the item sack's.

- fixed: gamepad "click to continue" text would show up in the dialogue window when in the shop even if no gamepad was connected.

- fixed: in rare circumstances, the actions queue could remain uncleared when changing scenes, leading to the game refusing to process actions in the next scene under the belief that it was already in the middle of processing script actions.

- improved documentation for the generate inventory parameter for the GenerateUnit, GenerateUnique, and GenerateUniqueFromNPC script actions.

- fixed: the Regenerating sprite was missing from the campaign creator's TextSprite documentation.

- custom menus now support hidden buttons: buttons that are defined but not shown to the player unless unhidden via a script action.

- the "hidden" property of custom menu buttons may now be edited within the cut scene editor.

- the cut scene editor now supports an unlimited number of gray-outs and warnings for each custom menu button (with each delimited by |s).

- new script action: ShowMenuButton. Shows a hidden button within a custom menu. One parameter: button name.

- new script action: HideMenuButton. Hides a visible button within a custom menu. One parameter: button name.

- new stats supported by Stat script actions: Health % Left and Energy % Left. These return a number between 0 and 100 reflecting the percentage of a character's health or energy that remains.


- created a new random event: Recruitment Duel.

- cleaned up some of the more awkward "like" dialogue; excluded the one generic line from being selected if personality-specific variants were available.

- replaced the "Labor" daytime option with a Jobs Board. Every day, a selection of different ways to make extra money will present itself...

- new job type available: working as caravan guards. You pick two characters to accompany a caravan and help green units fend off a bandit attack.

- increased the maximum range on Grapple Pull to 3.

- proc gen battles can now account for a third, allied army when determining unit positioning (a necessity for making proc gen three-army battles that aren't just free-for-alls viable).

- fixed: one of the "like" dialogue lines for imaginative characters inappropriately referenced hobbies instead of material things.

- fixed: in some circumstances, non-golem, non-spirit proc gen characters could be spawned with a salary of zero (e.g. from the GenerateUnique script action).

- fixed: the randomly chosen socioeconomic class of proc gen characters could override the inventory quality parameter in the GenerateUnique script action.

- fixed: the graphic for steel mail was missing.

- fixed: choosing to proceed with a custom menu button selection in the face of a pop-up warning would not close the pop-up menu if proceeding meant staying within a custom menu.

- custom strings can now be used as the loadID for unit spawns in battle.

- new optional parameter for GenerateUnique and GenerateUniqueFromNPC script actions: Force Personality. This forces the character to be generated with one particular personality type that you specify.

- proc gen battles now accept premade character types, not just proc gen characters. (Just use a loadID in place of the character class, with a : in place of the /.)

- proc gen battles now accept destructible object assignments to particular armies.


- the game now supports designated "spawn regions" for deployment spaces, groups of characters, and groups of objects within proc gen maps, forcing each to spawn within certain defined areas of the map. (Spawn regions are defined the same way as custom areas are.) This makes proc gen defend maps much more doable.

- added in a check so that any given non-labor job can't be performed more than one day in a row.

- custom integer values can now be used in place of victory aura, victory morale, and defeat morale effects for battles.

- fixed: it was possible for spirits to be generated with personality-based camp activities (e.g. volunteering, praying, worrying, nursing grudges...)

- AI fix: the "move again" modifier was being applied to Bow and Lance attacks against allied characters, which in some circumstances could result in the AI viewing these as good moves.


- the daytime town menu now reveals an option to investigate the conspiracy once you've accepted Manbir Raksha's request.

- began writing the scene where the player interrogates Malatose.

- fixed: religious characters unable to find a temple in the evening were gaining 1 morale instead of losing 1 morale.

- fixed: the side quest to restore steel items to the shop was not triggering due to a missing variable in the game's introductory scene.

- fixed: players were not receiving the "Tutored" achievement upon completing all in-game combat tutorials unless playing with a gamepad.

- fixed: due to a typo, players were not receiving the "Get decked" achievement upon acquiring a deck of Psy Clash cards.


- fixed: promoted characters could retrain to the base version of their current class at the trainer.

- new special character supported in dialogue: -BASECLASS-. Like -CLASS-, but it gets swapped to the base version of the character's current class instead.


- spriggats now retain their sprites when reclassing.

- new secret achievement added.

- Disciplined characters no longer lose morale when ordered to participate in group practice; instead, they gain morale.

- close friends and lovers now have a stronger negative reaction when characters they like are dismissed from the team.

- somehow, the game's persistent dialogue file completely lost the third and recurring fourth chital events at some point following the release of version 0.2.10 in July. I recreated them to the best of my memory.

- fixed: promoted characters who reclassed to a new base class would learn a slew of the new class's skills upon leveling up once, as if their true level had been spent in that class. The game now tracks the character's level at the moment of their last promotion, resets it to zero upon changing to a new class, and uses this level for skill progression purposes.

- fixed: Sita's current portrait data was not in-game for some reason, leading to her eye placement looking messed up.

- fixed: ignoring the summons from Manbir the day after the festival and then undertaking a 1-time-unit activity would result in the messenger approaching the player a second time upon returning to town for their second activity.

- fixed: the current page of custom menus was not resetting upon switching between custom menus.

- fixed a localization typo.

- fixed: status effect descriptions were not showing up from localization files.


- right-clicking on objects now mirrors the behavior of bridges: if there are move tiles or attack tiles present onscreen, right-clicking them is now treated as a "cancel move or attack" command rather than a command to call up the object's character screen.

- new achievement added for becoming champions of the arena.

- added parameter count checks and error logging to a bunch more script actions.

- fixed: the game would throw a range error if a zero-length string was passed as the parameter for the SetNextScene or NewScene script actions.

- fixed: calling the SetValByEvent script action without its optional fourth parameter would produce a range error.

- fixed: recruitment broke when asked to generate pre-promotes due to a faulty detection mechanism for level ranges versus open-ended minimum levels in class data.

- fixed a typo in Snow Leopard League arena dialogue prior to the Tiger League Qualifier.

- fixed: you could keep throwing the switch in the Tiger League Qualifier to keep spawning explosive charges.

- fixed: reclassed characters could still sometimes end up learning duplicates of known skills.


- the XML saving class in the campaign editor now gives specific feedback on the error when an xml file fails to save.


- fixed: in the recruitment interface, the tooltip for equipment masteries could show up behind the skill buttons if a character came with enough skills.


- wrote more personality-specific variants on the Rest camp activity narration.


- finished the interrogation of Malatose scene.

- began the interrogation of Prince Ajit scene.

- reduced the Psy damage multiplier on each of the big four elemental AOE attacks by 20% for balance reasons.

- further increased the likelihood of friends and lovers choosing each other as partners for activities.

- increased the chance of a narrated Talk event instead of particularized dialogue from 25% to 40%.

- wrote some new generic Talk camp narrations.


- wrote a further 13 personality-specific variants on the Rest camp activity narration.

- added a new Sensitive talk narration with two variants.

- added localization support for the terrain inspector in battle.

- added localization support for the reserve supplies screen.

- added localization support for character class names.

- began adding localization support for the recruitment interface.

- new special characters: -CLASSID- and -CLASSID2-. These refer to class loadIDs, whereas the old -CLASS- and -CLASS2- special characters now refer to localized class names.

- added -CLASS2- documentation to the campaign editor's in-game reference.