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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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- added a fallback for those rare occasions where the actions bar fails to reappear after a round of combat: clicking to select a character who can still move or act now forces the actions bar to show back up.


- laid some groundwork for future, non-Steam versions of the game.

- finished the post-championship cut scene for if the player is victorious.

- fixed: upon going to the campaign editor and then returning to the title screen without the title music changing, the music would abruptly stop.


- adapted the Pierce visual effect to create a dedicated visual effect for spike traps.

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- added the SpikeTrap visual effect to the game, tied to the triggering of spike traps.

- created a unique rapier, Jvalaa, for the sword dancer on the champion team.


Spent a good bit of time this weekend giving feedback to composer Ryan Richko and getting the new boss battle track Contest of Blood ready for the next update!

- finished the post-championship cut scene for if the player lost the championship fight.

- added a system for queuing up a specific evening event in camp based upon events in battle earlier in the day.

- fixed an inconsistency with the way that IfValGoTo and IfValRun treated custom integer values that had not yet been set. Both now treat custom values that have not been set as equal to 0. (Previously, only IfValRun did this).

- fixed: forgot to revert a change made for testing which was causing characters to say heal barks 100% of the time instead of 25% of the time.

- fixed: forgot to revert a change made for testing which was causing the game to throw null errors upon right-clicking destructible objects.


Pushed version 0.3.0!

For version 0.3.01:

- fixed: when fully zoomed out in the Thief Attack map, the edges of the background became visible.


- incorporated a new music track into the game: Incredible Danger.


- fixed: one-shot sound effects (most notably the battle victory fanfare) were abruptly cutting off upon transitioning to a new scene. The game now gracefully fades them out instead.


- began laying the groundwork for game localization, creating an XML listing all UI elements containing English text on the title screen.

- began listing all UI elements containing English text in battle.


- the game now auto-detects the user's installed system language (or, if they connect to Steam, their chosen Steam language) for localization purposes.

- the player's language is now saved along with all other game settings.

- reduced the number of personality traits characters are generated with from 2 to 1 to avoid tonal dissonance in character lines and reduce overlapping traits on larger teams. (Plus, having 2 personality traits per character wasn't increasing depth of characterization as much as I'd hoped.)

- worked on the localization file some more; added in pronouns, direct addresses for family members, and the bits and pieces used to assemble proc gen map names.


- got the localization system up and running, importing the localization XML file and auto-populating menu text based on entries in the XML matching the user's current language.

- got all of the title screen UI working with localization: the main menu, the two new game menus, the load game menu, the settings menu, and the download campaigns menu with search options submenu.

- fixed: user scores for downloadable campaigns were incorrectly scaled, leading to them appearing at 1/5th the value they should have.


- set up a bunch of UI in battle for localization: main menu, deployment menu, unit tooltips, the actions bar, new turn box, save game menu, all of the pop-up warnings, victory/defeat screen, and console.

- new random event: Golem Attack.

- refactored the code the game uses to pick activity partners during free rein in camp; characters are now more likely to select existing friends or lovers as activity partners. (Before, they had an equal likelihood of selecting any other character regardless of relationship.)

- wrote new dialogue variants for character reactions to winning the championship based upon personality.

- fixed: the report screen was not hiding the dialogue menu as intended when the ShowReport script action was used in battle.

- fixed: clicking units in the deployment menu was not making a sound.


- set up premade (i.e. not proc gen) items for localization.


- set up morale level descriptions for localization.

- set up skills for localization.

- set up about two dozen types on in-battle pop-up messages for localization.

- set up counterattacks for localization.

- set up the character screen, level-up screen, dialogue menu, cut scene main menu, and cut scene narration box for localization.

- fixed the level-up description for a skill gaining a new status effect.


- set up status effects for localization.

- set up procedurally generated battle names for localization.

- fixed: Immobilized characters were able to use Move skills (like Leap or Swim).

- fixed: a range error could occur when the game selected no special condition for an arena map.


- set up the in-game calendar, info bar, and promotion screen for localization.