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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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- wrote the Parent Visit random event.

- proc gen character nicknames for their parents now subtly differ depending on the kind of relationship they have: "Mom" or "Dad" if they have a positive relationship, "Mother" or "Father" if they do not.


- fixed: minimum recruitment is no longer displayed in the recruitment scene when the player already has a roster larger than the minimum recruitment number.

- fixed inconsistent grammatical phrasing for dialogue where characters talk about liking cookies.


- painted noses 15, 16, and 17, added data for them, made it so they can be chosen for human portraits.

- painted chin hair 9, added data for it, made it so it can be chosen for male human portraits.

- painted bird wing hair clip, added data for it, made it so it can be chosen for female human portraits.


- there is now a deck viewer screen you can use to see the composition of your Psy Clash deck.

- new unique battle condition added to Snow Leopard and Tiger leagues wherein a surprising combatant shows up on the field...

- new mood supported: WorriedAbout. Allows a character to feel worried about a specific other character.

- the OnTalk dialogue trigger is now more robust! The game now allows custom variables in the trigger parameters, permitting the use of specific named characters based on prior events.

- when changing a character's army in battle, or when altering their salary or appetite, if the info bar is open, it now auto-updates salary and food consumption figures to reflect the changes.

- fixed: when calling the script action UnitsToList in battle during deployment, the game would not check undeployed characters in the roster for the specified army.


- fixed: proc gen characters forced into a promoted class because they were generated at or above level 20 were not having their displayed level reduced appropriately.

- fixed: the Talkable status effect could "run out" after 9,999 turns and had a displayed duration within character screens.

- fixed: the game would say "Talkable wore off" when removing the Talkable icon from characters.


For version 0.3.0:

- began creating the championship arena fight.

- when characters hit promotion level via the LevelUp and LevelUpArmy script actions, the game will now quietly auto-promote them to an advanced class consistent with their base class (if one exists).


- did some more balancing on the championship arena fight.

- scripted in-battle dialogue for the championship fight.

- AI improvement: the game no longer values the Move Bonus status effect positively for characters who are Immobilized or tagged as Immobile.


- created a background panel for the buttons at the top of the screen in the recruitment interface so it's easier to see them all. Added the new background to the recruitment interface, repositioned the buttons so the background wouldn't conflict with the character selection frames, and altered the recruitment tutorial to reflect the new positioning of everything.

- the game's handling of AddCondition/Global Lighting during battle is now much better; it now transitions to the new global lighting over a few seconds instead of immediately applying the new lighting setup.

- fixed a typo in a victory bark variant for characters with the "disciplined" personality trait.

- fixed: when multiple dialogue trees were queued up at once, the game was not triggering them in succession due to a mistake in the dialogue formatting process assigning all dialogue the same convID.

- fixed: a file with crucial scripts for in-game traps and space-swapping skills had accidentally been overwritten, causing the above-mentioned skills to no longer work correctly.

- fixed: auto-promotion via LevelUp was causing *every* character to auto-promote if within a campaign whose Classes.xml file didn't use the reqLvl attribute (e.g. Telepath Tactics Liberated).

- fixed: if a character's Speed was chosen to increase upon level-up it would increase by 5, not 1.


- created a short cut scene intro to the arena championship battle hyping it up some more.

- fixed some scripting in dialogue with Ishita Svaamee.

- added some new branches to pre-championship dialogue with her.

- if it doesn't find a loadID match first, the SpawnUnit script action now checks characters from prior scenes by name.

- fixed: the cut scene editor would remember the last cut scene you loaded and load its data when creating a new cut scene, resulting in the previous cut scene's narration, background, and other data showing up by default.

- fixed: the game would sometimes trigger traps for AI units where it calculated a move onto the trap as the best move even as it refused to actually move the character, resulting in the unit mysteriously suffering the trap's effects even as it stood totally still.

- fixed: with particularly long character movement ending in a trap, the AI could outpace itself and queue up an attack before the game was ready to launch it.


Created an updated free demo of the game!

Did some marketing work prepping for Steam Strategy Fest next week.

Emailed with Ryan Richko about a unique battle track for the arena championship.

Did a bit of biz dev stuff seeking out funding and marketing support.

Received rough drafts on some new character portraits; generated portrait data for them, tested them, provided feedback.

- fixed: species-based sprite overrides didn't work for classes with only a single species-based sprite override.


- received new character portraits, integrated them into the game: Sita, Dusht, Malatose.

- added new dialogue options to the Dusht random event.

- increased minimum impact damage in combat from 5 to 6.

- buffed a few Psy Clash cards: Smuggler (now has 1 power instead of 0), Iron Jaw Trap (now costs 0 energy instead of 1), and Focus (now gives +1 card draw in addition to +1 energy).

- Psy Clash AI improvement: when choosing a minion to target with cards or direct damage from bowmen or crossbowmen, the AI will now assess the target minions available and choose based on its assessment of who would be best to target instead of just choosing a target randomly.

- Psy Clash AI improvement: opponents will no longer play Fury on minions who cannot attack.

- fixed: in Psy Clash, the game could sometimes choose an empty lane that a minion had moved from when attempting to update that minion's changed health or power.

- new sound effect: Card Shuffle. Now plays during Psy Clash when a player's deck is shuffled.

- the game now keeps track of how many seconds it's been running across all play sessions.

- fixed: the game would not allow characters to push or pull item sacks off of other destructible objects due to item sacks always being treated as last for attack priority on a space. When an item sack is on top of another object that is not pushable or pullable, knockback now affects the position of the item sack instead of the object it's resting on.

- fixed: the DamageUnitAt script action had slightly different damage ordering priority rules than a regular attack.

- fixed: Crush Res. was not being applied to mitigate impact damage from units being smashed into each other (or objects, or the edges of the map).

- fixed: Falling Res. was not being applied to mitigate Falling damage, which resulted in item sacks inappropriately taking damage when falling from heights.


- reduced per-battle winnings for league arena fights (especially the later leagues) to help keep resource management a meaningful concern.

- painted flower-petal particles.

- began working on the cut scene following the championship battle.

- new 2D particle effects supported: FlowerBurstRed and FlowerBurstGold.

- new weather types supported: PetalsRed and PetalsGold. These shower the scene in flower petals (red or yellowish orange).

- fixed: league 4 battles were all being generated with snow-based names.

- fixed as hotfix 0.2.11d: when auto-promoting generic proc gen units, the game could throw a null error trying to update their non-existent character dialogue.


- toned down the level scaling for team leaders within arena leagues so you aren't regularly facing promoted enemies in the earlier leagues.

- created 3D meshes for the flower petals, made the particles in battle actual 3D objects.

- fixed: weather effects were not displaying with the same density in the map editor as in battle due to different emitter shape settings.


- new weather types supported: LeavesGreen and LeavesBrown. Causes 3D leaves (green or brown) to gradually flutter down from the top of the screen. Battle-only for now.

- added falling leaves to the Treasure Thicket map.

- the Fireflies weather type is now finally supported in battle! Causes fireflies to appear, flit about the battlefield seemingly at random, and disappear a few seconds later.

- added falling leaves to the Treasure Thicket map.

- added fireflies to the Thief Attack map.

- when changing between weather types using the same particle (e.g. Rain to Heavy Rain or Snow to Blizzard) there is no longer a delay before the change takes effect.

- fixed visual issue with snow and ash particles being stretched horizontally.


- added to Ishita Svaamee's pre-championship dialogue.

- improved the AI's ability to intelligently target skills with buffs and debuffs to Strength and Psy.