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Corrupt a Wish Foundation

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 10:55:15 AM

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Granted. Let the popcorn throwing commence...

I wish that K-State didn't have a football game tonight.


Granted. Instead, they have a football game.

I wish for a more genial genie.


Granted. Or it would be, if the genie had more than four hours of sleep, and knew what the word "genial" meant without having to look it up.

I wish for this post to be brought to you by the letter "D"!


Drat. Dat does dampen da deleterious devices devised. I think that the wish is corrupt enough as is that I can't do anything more to make it more corrupt.

I wish for a handy dandy dictionary for the sleep-deprived!

genial: amiable, friendly, genuinely kind
deleterious: harmful
"devices" in this context means "tricks or other dastardly plots"
dastardly is like the adjective that describes you when you're being something that rhymes with this word that I can't say here


Granted. It's made of your hand. Gee! That actually is handy!

I wish for a speedy recovery.


Wish granted, you recover speedily. Unfortunately, some weeks later, complications result in your death.

I wish to raven.


Sorry; you get one raven instead.

I wish to buy a cat for a song.


Granted. It's a cat that never came back.

I wish for the speedy recovery of a friend.


Wish granted. However, when he recovers he doesn't want to be your friend anymore.

I wish I was 2D.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.


Granted. Due to the genie's bad eyesight, he makes you 20 years old. Depending on the person, that could be good or bad.

I wish for double daylight savings time.


Wish granted. You now have to adjust your clock twice a day due to daylight savings. Twice a day is much better than 4 times a year, isn't it?

I wish I will not be 20 years old forever.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.


Granted. You become 20 years and a day old forever.

I wish for loops.


Granted. Granted. Granted. Granted. Granted. Granted. Granted. Granted. Granted. Granted. Grante

WishException. Script ran for fifteen seconds without really getting anywhere. Genie.exe terminated the instance of Wish.

I wish for a better wish compiler.


Granted. The new wish compiler works with the old one, and continues to be terrible. Just in a co-op sort of way.

I wish for ArticulateDuck to shine on YouTube. Even to the point of everyone becoming blind.


Granted. However, ArtDuck doesn't actually become literally successful. Just very shiny.

I wish for infinite wishes!