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Corrupt a Wish Foundation

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 10:55:15 AM

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Wish granted. You can now have infinite wishes of infinitesimal size such that the limit of its product is negligible.

I wish I wasn't playing this game.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.


Granted. Instead you are playing that game. And you enjoy it so much, your dead heart starts beating again, starting to bring your dead cow body back to life! :D YAY ERT! ;)

I wish for a cool game.


Wish granted. You are now playing a buggy, poor, generally sucky game. In a freezer. *Cue evil laughter*

I wish for the ability to unwish this wish with another wish without wishing that this wish had never happened.


Granted. You find an inverse time-bomb on your computer, which counts down from -10. If you activate it, you'll destroy your computer 10 minutes ago.

I wish for more fuzz, and less fez.


Granted. All the beans in the world become little clumps of belly button lint, such like you expect to find in the naval of a very hairy chested man. There goes my lunch. Yuck.

I wish for a better yesterday, for a worse tomorrow.


Wish granted. Yesterday gets better, but you don't experience it. It happened yesterday, after all. Tommorow gets worse, but as you never actually reach tommorow you don't experience that, either.

I wish for a negative time bomb to be planted on Bugfartboy's head.


Granted. Sadly, though, it expired about ten years ago.

I wish for a new negative time bomb.


Granted. However, it's a 10-minute one, and the CIA defused it 12 minutes ago.

I wish for a human-sized hamster ball!


Wish granted. It comes with a human sized hampster. Which is intelligent. It clones itself, then utilised cuteness and intelligence to subjugate the human race and install hampsters as the dominant species.

I wish to unwish this wish without removing the wish that allowed me to unwish this wish with a wish; this wish.


Granted; it is unwished, and not removed.

I wish for a dish that's a lot like a fish, but more vegetarian... ish.


Wish granted. You recieve a plate made of fish. The fish was vegetarian, before it was cruelly killed to be your food. Thus, it is vegetarian fish.

I wish for no more fish.


Granted. The lack of fish in the world upset the circle of life, and the lion king exacts revenge.

I wish for a peaceful lion king.


Granted. He is ruthlessly torn out of power by a less peaceful lion king.

I wish for a good microphone.


Granted. Thanks for the early birthday gift, Ducky!

I wish that Ducky had my new microphone.


Granted. He had it between the time at which he bought it at the store and when he put it under the birthday tree.

(Yes, the birthday tree.)

I wish for an awesome portal in my room.