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Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 11:23:18 AM

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Quote from: CraigStern on September 25, 2011, 05:46:17 PM
You can--you just need 11 Personality or higher.
Could you go over the required dialouge? Because the one on the wiki dosn't deem to work.


*After the D'Kah battle, all the teammate who died are revived without me talking to Luca.
*When Malis learns shadowport and one presses the "Show Skill" button, she disappears, but doesn't reappear.
*When one learns Vengeance, there seems to be too many words in the description.  The last words seem to be cut off.
*D'Kah Battle gives 0 gold.
*If you survive D'Kah battle then it goes to the original dialogue, where Fife appears.
*Qudssi doesn't counter-attack.
*Impale doesn't have sound
*Ravinale Elites will Impale(range 1-2) fellow guardsmen instead of using Spear Throw(range 2) to only hit Resistance members.
*I touched the Azure Orb in Crypt 3 which unequipped the Indigo Orb.  Even though the Indigo Orb is unequipped, Duvalier can still use Titan Shield.
*Past the first door and to the east room in Crypt 3, there is a switch in the southearn part of the room.  The first time the switch is pulled, the switch goes left and back right.  The second time the switch is pulled it again goes left and back right.  The third time the switch is pulled, it stays right.
*Ravinale Swordsmen don't counter-attack Griffin's slash.


The hero doesn't make sound for the knife attack.


in telepath rpg 3 beta version when i go to other places it seems that it takes so long to load the place(for ex. when i go to another area in Ravinale or other place and when i finish battling all of my enemies i have to wait for like 20 seconds or more to appear) can you fix this please.


*The Trapped in the Armory battles aren't number like the Armory Raid battes.
*Malis will still talk about how closed Arman's mind is when the Black Rosed killed him.


I was at the door in Crypt 3 that says "Talk back to me"

I didn't know the answer, so I pressed "Leave it alone"

Well, nothing happened, and now neither of the buttons do anything and I'm stuck.
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Thanks for all the reports; I've fixed a bunch of these bugs now. Check out the latest version of the game. :)


When you click on "Manage Attacks", the "Manage Team" and "Manage Orbs" icons disappear, while nothing else happens.



- Library is Glicthed out, you can't enter it.
- You can buy the Scorpion more than one time.
- Alissa and the man in the Judge thing have your picture, while you lose yours.
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Thanks for letting me know--I am fixing this stuff right now.


Quote from: Zackirus on November 04, 2011, 11:32:48 AM- Alissa ... have your picture, while you lose yours.

Can you be more specific about where this is happening? I don't see it.


I f you ask Dean Anya why books, it'll send you outside without her telling you. However, if you talk to her again, she'll act as if she did tell you.


Thanks Dayn--that's fixed for the next version. ;)