April 24, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.02 Patch

Telepath Tactics has now been updated to version 1.02. I’m continuing to plow through player feedback, fixing bugs and making improvements to the game as I go. We’re making quick progress here. Here are the version 1.02 changes:

  • manual saving! Specifically, you can now open the Save Game menu and manually save your game in a different save slot during deployment at the start of each mission. (For non-deployment missions, I’ll be putting similar functionality into the main Options menu in a future update.)
  • fixed a bug where the game would freeze during the computer’s turn if the only enemies remaining in the computer’s army could not move due to being frozen or stunned.
  • fixed a bug where the game would freeze if the last remaining enemy died at the start of the computer’s turn (as from burning or drowning).
  • fixed a bug where characters killed by the DamageChar and DamageCharAt script actions (e.g. characters caught in the drawbridge during the bandit fortress escape) would continue wandering around with negative health.
  • fixed a bug where the game would sometimes end a random character (or object)’s turn when a trap killed an entirely different character in the middle of his / her move.
  • fixed a bug that prevented you from recruiting Meridian if you somehow managed to kill every enemy during her rescue mission.
  • found and fixed typos in the Meridian rescue mission that unintentionally rendered the task of killing all enemies much easier than I had intended. (Unless you’re a tactical genius, you’re basically supposed to flee the battle at some point.)
  • fixed a bug where battle primers would not give characters who used them experience points during free exploration mode.
  • characters no longer get more counterattacks from leveling up once they reach 4 counterattacks; they’ll improve a different stat instead.
  • changed the after-attack effects of Awareness, Levitate, and Hover from Unlimited to Use Once so as to avoid over-exploitation of these abilities for experience points. (All of them are really only useful once per turn anyway.)
  • increased the size of the text in drop lists somewhat (from font size 11 to 12).
  • fixed an annoying UI thing where the cursor would remain a hand after mousing onto the common inventory or deployment screens; it now turns into an arrow for more precise clicking.
  • fixed misalignment of certain UI elements in the New Match menu when selecting a Capture the Flag match.
  • crossbowmen can now wear leather armor, chain mail, and iron helms. Arbalists can now wear those things, plus partial plate.
  • added some extra scripting functionality to the game for modders. (More details on those in the devlog.)
  • updated the game manual with some corrections and missing documentation.

Speaking of modders–the game has been out a week, and we already have 10 mods in the Miscellaneous Mods subforum! It’s pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see what sort of campaigns you guys create.

I know that that isn’t every bug, but that’s the lion’s share of the serious stuff, and we’re rapidly winnowing down the list! I’m hard at work on fixing the game’s remaining issues. Stay tuned for version 1.03!