April 28, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.026 Patch

I’ve uploaded another small update with a few vital fixes while I work on untangling the mystery of the inventory swapping bug and performance issues! The changes:

  • fixed the bugs that were preventing characters from promoting upon reaching level 20.
  • fixed a bug in which the game would freeze when the drawbridge lowered in the second battle escaping the bandit fortress.
  • fixed a bug in which Harriet Glaive would give a death monologue and permanently die if killed in casual mode. (She now properly obeys the non-permadeath rules of casual mode, in other words.)
  • reduced the levels of the two crossbowmen who pursue Annel Stormhunter to level 3, making them a bit weaker and easier to respond to when they appear.

I’ve also been making some tweaks to the engine to properly support campaigns with recruitable “generic” characters (a la Final Fantasy Tactics). To this end, I’ve:

  • fixed a bug where the SpawnChar script action would not correctly assign a sex to characters with sex “Either” (or correctly assign a name to characters with name “random”) that had been spawned by class name rather than by character name.
  • you can now use ID tags with the RecruitChar and DismissChar actions–this makes it so you don’t have to know the assigned name for a “random” character in advance, prior to recruiting (or dismissing) them.
  • new script action: SetStringByStat. This sets a string equal to a character string stat.
  • added Name, FirstName, and LastName to the list of useable IfStatGoTo string stat name parameters; these can be used in combination with the ID tag and SetStringByStat to return a character’s full name (using spaces), first name, or last name, respectively.

Taking advantage of these new features, I’ve uploaded a bare-bones system for generic character recruitment to the forums for players that want to use it in creating their own campaigns.

Other than inventory swapping and poor performance during some of the game’s larger battles, this wraps up all of the serious bugs that have been reported in the game. Inventory swapping and performance might take a bit longer to resolve than the other bugs–they will be resolved by version 1.03.