September 12, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.045 patch

Hey folks! Just another patch update–this one will be short and sweet:

  • fixed a bug in which saving a game in a new slot would cause the game to freeze if the save in question did not contain a value for the starting seed.
  • fixed some issues with the game’s camera behaviors related to scaled / unscaled fullscreen modes.
  • added a check to the game’s isAttackGrantedByEquipment() method to prevent a certain sort of error when a weapon is unequipped or breaks.
  • made some changes to help me catch the game’s few remaining bugs (the most significant of which is that you can now generate a log anywhere in the game, not just when you’re in battle. Hit ‘L’ to do it!)

This won’t address 100% of the camera issues, but it should help with the worst of them. For any remaining ones you encounter, don’t forget to generate log files and post ’em in the bugs subforum with a screenshot!