September 17, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.047 patch

Hey guys! Another small patch here. I’ve made two changes:

  • fixed a bug relating to the way the game was delimiting individual item requirements for class, race, or level within saved game files. The old delimiter caused item restrictions to not apply in-game, and had some other knock-on effects which produced other, seemingly unrelated issues.
  • I’ve taken fullscreen scaling out of the game. It was really great when it worked, but unfortunately, it didn’t work quite right for a subset of players, producing situations where they literally couldn’t get the screen to display part of the battlefield.

Yeah. I’m not happy about removing fullscreen scaling, but frankly, I’d be even less happy knowing that some players couldn’t play the game properly. (For those of you with giant 4K monitors, I suggest lowering your screen resolution to something in the 1080p range while playing.)

AIR just wasn’t built with support for displaying at a fixed resolution on various displays, which is really what this game needed; for future games, rest assured that I’ll be transitioning to a platform that properly supports changing the user’s screen resolution.