September 30, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.049 patch

Players have been doing a good job of submitting bug reports lately, which means I’ve been able to find and fix a bunch of new stuff! Here are the latest changes:

– fixed a typo in the code that was causing the game not to remove particles properly, leading to unnecessary slowdown on longer battles.

– fixed a bug in which the game gratuitously decided that all pushable characters were, in fact, not pushable.

– fixed a bug in which the game would mess up the nextBattle attribute for saved games upon closing the Reserve Supplies screen on procedurally generated map.

– fixed a typo which was preventing Rebecca’s Pyro Blast from getting its 50% cost adjustment upon her promotion to Pyrokurios.

– fixed a bug in which tags added by equipped items would persist after a battle and get added a second time in the next battle, and the third time the battle after that, etc.

– fixed a bug in which the game would sometimes not get the target’s name or coordinates for use with special characters (-FNAME-, -Y-, -X-, etc.) during dialogue triggered by OnCharAttacked or OnCharDeath.

– updated breath attack descriptions to reflect their status effects instead of describing their AOE.

– restored the appearance of the title screen to its pre-scaling state (i.e. it looks nicer now).