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True Messiah August 2017 update

Hey friends, it’s time for another update on True Messiah! First, exciting news: I’ll be in Seattle this weekend showing off True Messiah at PAX West with the Tabletop Co-op! If you’re coming to PAX West, make sure to stop by! (You’ll be able to find me in Room 208, on the second floor of […]

True Messiah July 2017 update

Hey guys–I have exciting news! Those of you keeping track of True Messiah progress may recall my update from March discussing the logistics of launching a second Kickstarter campaign. I’ve spent the past few months waiting to hear back from Blackbox and quietly working on a new video game engine in the meantime. Yesterday, however, […]

True Messiah Kickstarter campaign is go!

This is it, folks–True Messiah is now on Kickstarter! I first started developing True Messiah a little more than 13 years ago (that’s about 3 years before I¬† taught myself Flash and came out with Telepath RPG Chapter 1!) True Messiah was originally called “Messiah: A Game of Cult Warfare,” and it was my final […]

True Messiah September 2016 update

Hey there strategy fans! Wondering what’s happened since last month? You’re in the right place! Art tweaks Did you think we were done with the art for True Messiah? Well, so did I–but the tiny, perfectionist¬†homunculus that lives inside my heart convinced me to commission just a few final edits to the game’s holy cities. […]

True Messiah August 2016 update

Hey there strategy game fans! I’m back from Gen Con as of Sunday night, and I’m ready to update you on my progress towards the September 2016 Kickstarter launch of True Messiah! Rulebook As mentioned last month, I had a few final tweaks to make to the rulebook before ordering a prototype copy printed. The […]

True Messiah July 2016 update

Howdy pals! Thanks for tuning in on the latest and greatest in True Messiah news. This month I have the last of the commissioned art, as well as schedule-y stuff that you’ll definitely want to read if you’re following the game at all. Here’s the rundown: Rulebook The True Messiah rulebook now has some nice […]

True Messiah June 2016 update

Hey guys! This update on True Messiah is going to be nice and short. Here is what’s new since last month: Tiles Franklin Chan has completed the holy city tiles! I’m terribly pleased with them; they blend the messiahs’ temple art with the game’s “dead city” motif perfectly. With this, all of the game’s various […]

True Messiah May 2016 update

Another month, another update! True Messiah remains on track for a fall 2016 Kickstarter; below, we find a summary of the latest progress on your soon-to-be favorite strategy game of surreal religious horror… Tiles Holy city tiles are still in-progress, as the artist has been busy with work from other (more cash-flush) sources. In truth, […]

True Messiah April 2016 update

Greetings! Another month has passed, and that means another update on True Messiah. In the last update, we got a look at the awesome 3D-printed 71 mm True Messiah miniatures, along with lots of other awesome stuff that I won’t bother recounting because you can just click the link. And you’re here for new stuff […]

True Messiah March 2016 update

Hey guys, it’s time for another update on True Messiah, everyone’s favorite surreal religious horror strategy board game! The last update encompassed several months worth of progress, so there was a lot to cover there; this one will be a wee bit more compact. Let’s start off with that surprise I promised you… Miniatures Yeah, […]

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