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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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- the calendar screen has been improved! There are now buttons to flip back to previous months and review the events that occurred; name of the current displayed month is now always visible at the top of the calendar screen.

- wrote alternate dialogue for recruitment attempts during the Monkey League Qualifier battle made by golems or spirits.

- wrote new dismissal response monologue variants for characters with the Arrogant personality trait.

- dismissing a character no longer reduces morale for other characters who have a negative friendship value with the dismissed unit.

- there is now a 1-in-3 chance that a high-level engineer will learn Place Snare Trap (the other 2 possibilities are either +1 range to Place Caltrops or learning a Wrench counterattack).

- buffed the Architect and Demolitionist classes (i.e. the Engineer prestige classes) so they each get more skills that let them continue using other skills afterwards. For the Architect, it's Build Wooden Barricade and Build Spiked Barricade; for the Demolitionist, it's Place Charges.

- added a new optional boolean parameter to the LevelUpArmy script action: Affect Reinforcements. If set to true, the level-up effect will be applied prospectively to characters of the chosen army who haven't spawned yet.

- used the new capability of LevelUpArmy to scale battles with enemy reinforcements.

- new class attribute: defaultWeaponSkills. Used to tell the game it should grant a Strength bonus and (a) natural weapon skill(s) to generic units of the class if they are created without an equipped weapon.

- generic Blackguards and promoted cavaliers without equipped weapons are now generated with natural access to Throw Knife and Halberd, respectively.

- fixed: the game wasn't compensating for promoted generic characters in a weapon-dependent class generated without an equipped weapon by boosting strength or granting their default weapon skill.

- fixed: when a character without a specific counterattack gained 1 or greater Counter Limit, the game could select a skill which did no damage but did impose a status effect (e.g. Throw Voice) as the character's counterattack.

-fixed: if you hired out everyone on your team and then returned to the docks for a second time in the same day, the game would effectively lock up.


- when a character receives a letter from a sibling, mother, or father, the game now remembers this--it then becomes possible to get an event where that character gets visited by the family member who wrote to them.

- finished writing the first sibling visit event with variants based on the kind of relationship the characters have and the player's choices.

- increased the chance of a talk event producing small talk to 25% from 10%.

- the LevelUp script action now works in cut scenes.

- new camp activity: Fury.

- the "AngryAt" mood now makes Fury one of the permitted camp activities.

- new stat supported in GetValByStat: True Level. Returns the character's current level combined with any hidden, pre-promotion levels.

- added documentation for read-only stats True Level, Health Left, and Energy Left to the in-game reference.


- finished implementing the GenerateUniqueFromNPC action in cut scenes.

- when a character is created via the GenerateUniqueFromNPC action, both they and the originating character now start with a mutual 20 familiarity, ensuring they won't engage in any basic "getting to know you" dialogue in camp.

- characters created via the GenerateUniqueFromNPC action who are related to the originating character by blood now inherit their own relevant NPCs and bio details from the originating character.

- the game can now automatically determine the reciprocal relationship term an NPC might use for a character related by blood.


- fixed some scripting errors in a couple of events.

- new event: Ishita Svaamee makes a second visit to the player's camp with a buyout offer. This second Ishita event is added to the list of possible events upon beating Snow Leopard League Qualifier.

- created another new event that occurs the morning of the championship fight (and that is all I am going to say about it here!)


- fixed for 0.2.10a: the game was spawning Heroes in recruitment.


- fixed for 0.2.10b: the variable tracking the day of the championship bout was not being set at the start of the game, causing the day-of-championship event to trigger on day 0 when starting a new game.


- fixed for 0.2.10c: losing a league match in Snow Leopard or Tiger Leagues could result in the game getting stuck in the Arena scene.

- fixed for 0.2.10c: repair kits (or any other item that alters the properties of character equipment) would be permanently stripped of their ability to alter other items upon transitioning scenes if kept in the reserve supplies.

- fixed for 0.2.10c: classes with multiple species-based sprite overrides were not registering sprite overrides for all species.


- fixed for 0.2.10d: a scripting error in the letter event could result in the game throwing a range error.

- fixed for 0.2.10d: the sidestab and backstab bonus from gap-seeking weapons was only being applied to base weapon skills, not to advanced skills for that weapon.

- fixed for 0.2.10d: the AI could reapply Immobilized status to characters subject to a Hold multiple times when calculating moves.


For version 0.2.11:

- began writing a new random event where you can help out an elderly shadowling lady.

- the game now checks ahead for the correct number of parameters when running IfStat-type actions.


- new script action: RestartBattle. Forces the current battle to restart, even if the player is playing on roguelike mode.

- new AI handicap level: 11. The AI will actively avoid using lethal attacks, preferring attacks that don't finish off enemies.

- Relaxed difficulty now sets the AI handicap to 11. Added an option to get an AI handicap of 11 in custom difficulty under the moniker "Lobotomized."

- fixed: the AI was reversing the value of healing moves used on enemies without first checking to make sure that the move already assessed as having a positive value. Under some circumstances, this could cause the AI to heal the player's characters.

- fixed: a couple of AI routines were set to be excluded at the wrong AI Handicap level.

- fixed: changes to the level-up screen code were causing the game to throw a couple of null errors when characters promoted via a Book of Power.


- wrote new plot event dialogue.

- new optional parameter for the SetStringByString script action: Strip Capitalization. By default, this parameter is false; if set to true, the resulting string will be in all lowercase letters for easier parsing (e.g. for checking passwords and player-created names and such).

- fixed: in some cut scenes, it was possible to click the background in the split second between the report screen vanishing and the dialogue menu reappearing and thereby inappropriately advance the scene.


- added items to the chest in the Strikebreaking map.

- fixed: pushing an enemy with reflexes into a spiked object would cause the enemy to turn and face the object. (Even worse: if the enemy had counterattacks left, they would counterattack while their back remained turned to the attacker!)

- fixed: the game was double-counting status effects that impact accuracy when displaying the accuracy of skills in tooltips.

- fixed: the game could display accuracies below 100% for mental attacks and shield skills in tooltips.


- new random event added to the game: Card Swindler.

- the game now supports group projects (i.e. projects that aren't tied to just one character) and camp activities tied to progress on those group projects.

- it now takes two or more consecutive nights of no cleaning for morale to start dropping from having a messy camp.

- fixed a typo in one of the introvert "like" dialogue variants.

- fixed:  the AI was double-counting the back cover bonus for non-Shield skills, leading to it greatly over-preferring moves that put characters' backs up against things (especially the edge of the battlefield).


- commissioned and received two new cut scene backgrounds, added them to the game.

- integrated the new backgrounds into the relevant cut scene.

- energy regen visuals no longer appear for units under fog of war.

- particle effects no longer appear when units are destroyed under fog of war.

- particle effects no longer accompany units newly spawned under fog of war.

- fixed: item sacks dropping on a space covered by fog of war were visible to the player.

- fixed: attack animations for characters under fog of war would sometimes play upon the character's tile being revealed.

- fixed: the fruit tree in the thief attack battle contained no fruit.


I had a lot less time to work this month than expected due to the day job being unexpectedly busy, putting my home on the market (also unexpectedly), and then falling ill this past week (also also unexpectedly). Still, I put aside time today to get things done!

- I took a crack at painting new human nose types, 12, 13, and 14.

- added new data for the new noses to human portraits; human characters can now be generated with these nose types.

- refactored a bit of the proc gen character portrait generation code to make it easier to add in new facial feature variants over time.

- commissioned and received one new cut scene background, the Palace_Dese_Mentarium. Added it to the game.