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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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-- increased the default unit move speed by 25%.

-- created (and made pixel art for) new item: Key Ring. A key with 5 uses.

-- added some missing enemy masteries in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- fixed up a bunch of scripting in the bandit fortress basement.

-- tweaked the self-lighting values on various destructible objects.

-- added facial expressions to the Vengeance of Emma Strider death monologues.

-- fixed: the game was playing the weapon break sound effect and giving the weapon break pop-up when using a key to unlock a door.

-- fixed: the game was playing sound effects when setting up door Locked/Unlocked/Closed/Open status during OnLoaded actions, resulting in a flurry of weird sound effects when first entering a scene with such actions applied to doors.

-- fixed: the game wasn't referring to the number of participants in a line when deciding whether to show a second character portrait.

-- fixed: the game wasn't recognizing the human player as having lost after an enemy army won via the Defeat Army condition.

-- fixed: the game would still treat a skill as having been selected for attacking after undoing or deselecting the unit.

-- fixed: typos in Emma Strider's death monologue.

-- fixed: upon switching to exploration mode during battle when all characters had acted, the game would still ask you to automatically end the turn...and lock up the game if you didn't select yes.

-- fixed: upon opening or closing a door, the move tiles would not automatically update.


-- got the Bandit Fortress Entrance Battle working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- remade the Out of Food Battle as a normal, non-proc-gen fight.

-- when mousing over a door, the game now displays whether it is Closed, Locked, or Open in the tooltip.

-- created a couple of new modules for golems: Rubber Gasket (+4 to max energy) and Solar Module (regain +1 energy every turn).

-- added two new proc gen shield modifiers: Rounded and Convex, each of which increase Slash and Pierce resistance for the user at the cost of some bonus health.

-- added two new proc gen main gauches: Sharp and Deadly, each of which increase Strength for the user.

-- did a bit more balancing on the bandit fortress sequence: the prison guard now always has the same stats, and the player can find a Convex Shield in Fera's room to help with the fight in case Emma is underleveled.

-- fixed: in battle, the Recover condition was being applied before deployment, only to characters already on the battlefield.

-- fixed: the game was showing stats modified by +0 in item tooltips, taking up spots needed to display stats actually affected by the equipment.

-- fixed: the game wasn't pulling an army's "using roster" value for deployment, and was instead looking to a (now deprecated) parameter within the Deployment condition itself.

-- fixed: the game wasn't pulling an army's "using roster" value for the reserve supplies screen during deployment in battle, and was instead looking to a (now deprecated) parameter within the Deployment condition itself.

-- fixed a typo in the experience gain pop-up from using battle primers.

-- fixed: if a character leveled up after a turn-ending attack and the battle then switched to exploration mode, that character would remain grayed-out and unusable.

-- fixed: the game was improperly treating the penalties of low morale in damage calculations as a bonus instead.

-- fixed: most of the "ModDmg" tags granted by weapons were not applied to particular skills, causing the engine to not recognize them when calculating final damage.

-- fixed: the Range tag and most of the "ModDmg" tags were not coded so as to apply to the skills dependent upon the base skill named in the tag.


-- the game now saves objective reticles active on the battlefield during mid-battle saves; it now reloads them upon loading a mid-battle save.

-- spent time further improving the game's AI.

-- implemented the Attack Bridges condition.

-- improved the scripting on the Bandit Fortress Outer Wall Battle.

-- the AI now plays nice with a friendly unit receiving a New Turn (e.g. from Motivate) during an AI-controlled turn.

-- fixed: the AI would score skill status effects without regard to whether the target was immune to those status effects.

-- fixed: the AI would score New Turn-granting skills like Motivate highly even for units whose turn had not yet ended.

-- fixed: the algorithm for weighing the danger of various spaces in the AI was including allies in the pool of potentially dangerous units.

-- fixed: the WinBattle/EndBattle/LoseBattle reply types wouldn't actually end the battle because the game would detect an active conversation.


-- got the Battle with Gulch working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- added new light animation type: Pulse. Causes the light to softly grow and shrink (as opposed to the more erratic, open-flame like animation pattern of Flicker).

-- the army overview screen now displays a tooltip when mousing over Wounded characters.

-- further AI fixes and improvements.

-- added new script action: ReturnToShop. Reopens the shop interface without re-randomizing the inventory.

-- added an opportunity to return to the shop before leaving Agarwal's in the Telepath Tourney campaign.

-- in the first shop scene in in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign, added an extra warning that it may be some time before the player gets to shop again; the player is given a second chance to peruse Goniff's wares before leaving.

-- incorporated updated masks for lissit bodies, spirit eyes, human eyes, and human mouths into the game.

-- incorporated updated assets for proc gen shadowling eyes into the game.


-- did some more work on the new Out of Food Battle, adding tags, adjusting positioning, and adding enemy reinforcements.

-- added support for multiple pages worth of characters in the deployment and reserve supplies screens. (Previously, these were capped at 18 characters apiece.)

-- the game now automatically sorts characters in the deployment screen to ensure that characters who must be deployed are listed first.

-- new tag: Pursue. This causes the tagged unit to automatically remove any Passive tag it might possess upon attacking or being attacked (and to do the same for any other units in its AggroGroup, if any).

-- incorporated the last of the proc gen and generic portrait fixes. Work on Telepath Tactics unique portraits has begun!

-- fixed: the AggroGroup tag would only trigger on certain turns.

-- fixed: the game would sometimes select the wrong skill for determining maximum and minimum range when displaying enemy danger tiles.


-- did some more balancing and tweaking on the remade Out of Food Battle; it is now complete!

-- the OnGrab dialogue trigger now sets an integer _NumGrabbed equal to the number of the named item that was grabbed within the sack. (This lets you track if/when a player grabs more than 1 of an item within a single item sack.)

-- added Cave Stairs and Limestone Stairs destructible objects into the game with 4 directions each.

-- the terrain inspector now says Bridge when mousing over a tile covered by bridge.

-- fixed up the scripting on the Merchant 2 scene; finished adding it to the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- created portrait data for Goniff Bastid's new art.

-- fixed up some of the terrain in Battle with Cloch.

-- fixed: the game would let you build a bridge on a space already occupied by a bridge tile.

-- fixed some buggy highlighting behaviors in the deployment screen.


-- added Caduceus and Shadowheart sprites into the game.

-- began the process of adding Mantis Knight sprites into the game.

-- new script action: AggroGroup. Manually triggers aggression in characters tagged as being in the specified AggroGroup. One parameter: AggroGroup Number.

-- added support for the info bar to battle scenes.

-- ShowInfoBar and HideInfoBar now work in battle.


-- optimized fog of war tiles for better performance; replaced the particle effects with a shader that makes the tiles sway and distort, using up way fewer resources.

-- optimized fog of war tile placement and removal logic to minimize the number of Instantiate and Destroy calls, massively boosting performance when updating the fog of war.

-- the player can now click and drag fog of war tiles to pan the camera.

-- fixed: fog of war had somehow ceased to work at some point over the preceding months.

-- fixed: fog of war wasn't loading upon loading of a mid-battle save.

-- fixed: fog of war tiles would partially sink into 0-elevation hazard tiles, revealing the presence of those tiles.

-- fixed: I had somehow neglected to give Silithis Predat the mastery required to use Fangiss Ka. ;D


-- finished up the updated scripting for and finalized more cut scenes for The Vengeance of Emma Strider.

-- fixed up scripting on the Battle with Gulch, which I've renamed to Moonless Hunt. It is now complete.

-- fixed: fog of war tiles would display over the top of the new turn box.


-- in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign, a variable number of proc gen recruits now show up to join the player if their force is too small after winning the Caravan Battle (and further supplemented if the player fails to recruit Lakshmi and unlock her side mission, which provides its own recruits).

-- the computer will no longer rate skills that grant Focused, Lucid, or Clouded highly if the target possesses no Psy-based skills.

-- the computer will no longer rate skills that grant Strengthened or Weakened highly if the target possesses no Strength-based skills.

-- the computer will no longer rate skills that grant Levitating highly if the target already has a flying move type; and it will no longer rate skills that grant Heavy highly if the target is not flying.

-- the computer will no longer rate skills that grant Distracted highly if the target does not have counterattacks or reflexes remaining.

-- properly centered the dialogue window in battle.

-- fixed: it wasn't displaying a "used such-and-such" pop-up when enemies used items in battle.

-- fixed: it wasn't playing item sound effects when enemies used items in battle.

-- fixed: the tags parameter in GenerateUnique was not working.

-- fixed: materials and quality parameters for generating unit inventory with GenerateUnique were not working if the unit was generated outside of battle.

-- fixed: the way the game was calculating time passing while executing script actions was inaccurate, resulting in appropriate detection of infinite loops with large numbers of actions that did not take much real-world time. Reduced the "infinite loop suspected" cut-off time to 12 real-world seconds.

-- fixed: the game's dialogue and scripting engine was not able to reference units generated during the course of the same dialogue tree.

-- fixed: the reserve supplies screen would still close if you clicked anywhere on the background.

-- fixed: returning to a shop within a given scene would not update its internal version of characters and reserve supplies.

-- fixed: the game would not flag a cut scene as "shopping" when returning to a shop, resulting in purchased items not appearing in the reserve supplies screen.

-- fixed composition and placement of reserve supplies character tooltips.

-- fixed: the map editor wasn't pulling from army info when determining the color of units shown in each army.


-- got the Flashback 1 cut scene working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- got the Hills of Coria battle working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- portrait movement now only triggers the "walk" animation if the portrait moves horizontally.

-- new optional parameter added to MovePortrait: glide. Can be true or false; if set to true, it disables the walk bob animation while the portrait moves.

-- bridges are now always built at the elevation of the builder, regardless of the elevation of the terrain below.

-- in single player maps, the game now recognizes the death of a Human-controlled army as a player defeat even if it doesn't technically trigger victory conditions for any of the enemy armies (e.g. if there are multiple armies left, each hostile to one another, and none have a Defeat Army condition for the player's army).

-- the map editor now has a check box in Map Settings that lets you mark the map as multiplayer.

-- fixed: the game would not recognize Protect Char conditions for units who were neither spawned on the battlefield from the start nor queued up as reinforcements (i.e. for characters placed via deployment).

-- fixed: morale loss and morale gain were turned on for The Vengeance of Emma Strider maps.


-- the map editor now has map settings fields for Victory Morale and Loss Morale; these are populated when a map loads and their contents are properly saved with the map when it is saved.

-- if the player deletes Introduction in the campaign editor, clicking it now automatically opens up the cut scene editor with a new, blank Introduction.

-- fixed: Next Scene icons had somehow gotten disconnected from their parent slots in Unity.


-- spent more time balancing AI values and tweaking enemy behavior to keep enemies from looting chests and other things that are supposed to be reserved for the player. The AI now ignores chests and objects with items inside unless set to either Arena or Greedy AI profiles.

-- did a bit of balancing on Hills of Coria to make falling into the water later on in the map less of a death sentence.

-- you can now click cliff faces to initiate camera pan dragging.

-- filled out the skill progression for certain Telepath Tactics characters will fewer skills.

-- fixed: Swim had ceased functioning.

-- fixed: under certain circumstances, characters could suffer damage from environmental hazards twice when their turn came at the end of a round.

-- fixed: the game was making Extinguished, Thawed, Unslowed and Unblinded not take effect 50% of the time.

-- fixed: character portraits were using the wrong lookup table for army color palettes.


Telepath Tactics unique character portraits are starting to come in from Georgi Minkov! Gave him feedback on a set of 5 characters.

-- got the Flashback 2 cut scene working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- began getting Coria Bridge Battle working as intended.

-- boosted the volume of the music track "Enslaved," which was decidedly too quiet relative to the game's other music.

-- improved healer AI to get them to stay within move-and-heal range of allies.

-- when move or attack tiles are onscreen, right-clicking a bridge is now treated as a "cancel" right-click rather than opening the character screen.

-- fixed: the game would stop all ambient sound loops any time a shadowling finished moving because they had no move sound and stopLoop() run with a blank string is a signal to stop all loops.

-- fixed: clicking a character in the deployment screen and then clicking on a second character would leave the first character tinted green if that character had already been deployed.


-- fixed: the AI was starting its turn before the turn box vanished offscreen.

-- fixed: bridge tiles would show mouseover info when mousing over a move tile on their space (which would often obscure more important information).

-- fixed: it was possible under rare circumstances to get a null error when left-clicking an enemy to show their move and attack range.